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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 01 Prologue and Eden Tower

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.


The game begins with a conversation between Noah, our main character, and an invisible voice. Follow through the conversation. Then move over to the next screen to your left. There is nothing in this area. Move on further. The voice gives you some game tips. Collect the items and move over to the next area. (Now I would personally suggest you to not to pick up the items from the corners of this area onwards till the end of prologue as you will visit this place in future and the items that you collect now will not show in your inventory after this scene is over. However if you are playing the game for the first time then I would recommend that you can practice looking in the corners and collecting items.) Here again the voice will appear and suggest you some in-game tips. Go to the next area. Here you will be introduced to treasure chests. Open them and equip the items and move on. Now you will come across your first enemy. The voice will describe it to you. Fight them, they are easy, and go to the next area. You’ll find yourself on a carpeted ground with more smokes. Fight all of them, save and heal at the save point (the active white crystal) before you proceed further. Next will you come across the hall of treasure for the first time (press ‘enter’/action button to read the note on the top right pillar). You will find a metallic chest conjuring out of thin air only if you have killed all the enemies in the entire area (counting from where you started). It contains a squire ring. Equip it on Noah. (NOTE: from now on I will not mention of killing all the enemies in dungeons every time to avoid repetition. But make sure you kill all of them or else the hall of treasures in that area won’t unlock). The next area calls for a long conversation and a boss fight. You can’t win this fight, but don’t worry its not crucial. Follow the next cut scene.

Princess’s Birthday

Noah wakes up in his room. Search the corners of this room-there is a tonic on the lower left corner and the rolled blankets have a ‘tent’. (NOTE: from now on I will not mention which corner of an area will yield an item, which would save me some time and effort and you from boredom of description. But I will mention what are the items that you will get in each area. It is for you to find it out where it is). Step out of your house and you will find yourself on the world map. Enter the house with blue roof to the north of the fountain. This is the house of Downey and Corine. Search their room for a tonic, remedy, tent and ether. Enter the house beside it and collect apple, tonic and cherry. Come out of it and as you are about to cross the little bridge on the world map you will be interrupted. Follow the conversation. Next, head inside the house just beside the tall tower to your right. You will find a life potion, apple and tonic. Then proceed to the north in the world map and another conversation will follow and you will be taken to Dogan’s house. There is nothing in his house so you can walk to the left of the world map. The house with blue roof has a tonic and an apple. The weapon shop, item shop and the inn is closed for the occasion. Go to the back side of the Eden tower in the world map to discover a Hotpoint. You will get- tonic, ether, life potion, lapis and life tab. Refer the screen shot to find it.

Walk west and enter the palace. Follow the conversation and watch the reactions of the characters. You will be headed out of the palace after the conversation. Enter the palace again to collect a tonic in the piano room and 200 gp from the room to your left. Head out to the Eden tower. The Eden tower is the tall tower to the extreme right side of the world map. Enter inside and collect an apple, two tonics, ether and life potion. Go up the stairs. Find apple, life potion, remedy, cherry and two tonics here before you go up the stairs. The next floor has a tonic, cherry, ether, life potion and apple. Head up the stairs and collect a tonic, apple, remedy and cherry and move on the next screen. A short conversation follows. This room will yield an apple, tonic, life potion and remedy. The next room has two cherries and a tonic. Climb the remaining floors to reach the top of the Eden tower. Here you have nothing to collect. Watch the characters talk and the actions they take. Save at the save point and go back down. Just before exiting Eden tower you will find the characters looking for a pie. The thin cupboard to the north of this room has a pie. Get it and exit the tower. Visit the palace and watch the events that unfold. The scenario changes. Walk up to the throne and get the princess amulet. Walk out of the palace and follow the conversation. You will find some smokes (enemies) wandering on the world map and some more talks will ensue. Kill all the enemies and you will find an in-game message. Go to the back side of Eden tower again to discover another Hotpoint-it would give tonic, ether, life potion, lapis and life tab. Go to the beach. The beach is the sandy area to the south of Noah’s house. There collect power tab, two seashells, cherry and defense tab before you save and exit through the gate.

You will get transported to a dark world. See what the characters talk about. The in-game help appears and gives you some important tips. Look for a tonic and four wooden sticks in this area, equip the latter on the characters, save and head out. You will find yourself in a darker world map. Go south and enter the cave to your right first. We will come back to the left cave later.

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