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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 00 Important Tips


This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Thanks to Blossomsoft for a refreshing new game for old school rpg addicts like us. The game play of Eternal Eden is quite simple and is ideal for those who are new to RPG gaming. That’s why you can play the game without the walkthrough. But since the game has some secrets which can be discovered only when replayed and no quest book to refer to, the walkthrough can be consulted then.

In the beginning of the game there is a tutorial that explains the how to-s and where-of of playing. You can prefer to turn on the tutorial or keep it off (if you are an experienced player).

I have tried to keep the walkthrough spoiler light, so didn’t describe the events. But I had to label the main quests and dungeons so that reading doesn’t become boring; it would also help those who have already advanced in the game so that they can pick up from where they left off. Please use ‘ctrl’ and ‘f’ key combination to look for anything in the walkthrough that you cannot find easily. I avoided putting up the contents as that would be partially revealing the plot. The functions of the rings and bravestones locations are listed at the end for your reference.

As a footnote- I will not add the instructions to things which are given in the game-this is to encourage playing the game with utmost attention instead of relying solely on the walkthrough. Trust me, the game has many twists and conspiracies and sudden fights, so don’t miss it. And the best part of it is that you don’t have to level up your characters separately, the dungeon-exploration readies you every time before major fights. Also the ingenious puzzles save you from the boredom of continuous fights (screenshots for solving them is included).

Let me give a big thanks to all the forum members for contributing the tips to the secrets.

And last but not the least, thanks to Elder Prince for creating this wonderful game and for providing the maps.

Important tips during game play:

  1. You can press the shift key and the arrow keys for faster movements. This control will be extremely helpful in future.
  2. Whenever you explore any new area, look into each corner or niche or sides of that screen to find items. Also don’t ignore the cupboards, rolled blankets, shelves, etc. Each side/corner hides items invisible to our eyes and can be detected only when you stand on them and a red exclamation sign shows over Noah’s head. Press enter or the action button to pick it up. Remember it is crucial to collect items this way as it not only saves your gold but also helps you in places where you cannot buy items. Some of these items can also be sold for merely increasing your gp (money) like apple, seashell, phoenix down, etc (those items are labeled in your inventory as-loot for trading and selling purpose).
  3. Kill all the enemies in any area as you come across because this game has no random encounters and the enemies don’t re-spawn once killed. This way you’ll not only level up and gain money/items after fights but also unlock the hall of treasures-which gives you pretty good bonuses and valuable items for killing all enemies in the entire dungeon. You also need not come back to kill your foes, thus saving your time and energy, if you keep eliminating them as and when you come across. The foes appear in the form of white smoke. The difficult and main enemies (from now on to be referred as “boss”) are represented by smokes of different colors (blue, yellow, orange, etc). The hit points (hp) of each foe are shown on top when you place the pointer on any of them, which is useful to keep track of during fights. The fight with ordinary enemies gives you an option to escape without hurting you, but the bosses do not. So it is a good idea to save and heal whenever possible (there aren’t many save points too).
  4. Talk to every one in any village. They will give you important items or hints to unsolved something. I won’t mention again to talk to them separately here and would assume that you do so.
  5. Accessories are very important as they prevent a number of status effects and add bonus to character stats when equipped. Each dungeon requires different strategy to combat enemies and these accessories can be very useful. Don’t forget to equip them on characters.
  6. Tabs increase the permanent statistics of the characters. For example power tab increases the attack power of any character by one permanently, defense tabs increase defense, life tab increases the hp and so on. Use them on your characters wisely.
  7. Each area that you enter will be also referred as ‘screen’. For convenience I may sometime refer like “go back by three screens”, etc. this means that starting from the current area (screen) you go back to the previous area and then to the previous of this area and then to the previous of the latter again through the passages you have followed.

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