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Wishing you all a joyful Christmas!

Happy Holidays, everyone! (◕‿◕)

I’ve set aside three extra days from my regular job to dedicate myself fully to finishing up the game. I’m skipping the celebrations and avoiding social gatherings altogether. I’m absolutely itching to launch this game!

There are glitches that are notably harder to fix than others. Let’s not forget that this game is built on the first version of RPG Maker VX, which had its own set of drawbacks. Still, the game’s components are becoming increasingly refined. It’s almost a done deal!

Before the 2008 version release, I tirelessly tested every segment of the game, ensuring a smooth quest experience without any game-breaking bugs with lots of fun. This meticulousness contributed to its success, and I aim to uphold this standard.

We’re close to sealing the deal: soon you’ll be enjoying the game while I take a brief vacation until I resume game dev on other Eternal Eden games.

Closing thoughts.

Let’s recall the true essence of Christmas: receiving God’s most precious gift, the assurance of eternal life. Constantly, the devil accuses us in heaven, seeking our condemnation. Though driven by evil motives, his accusations against us are definitely valid. We stand no chance, and that’s the bad news. But no worries. God, seeing through the devil’s game, was like, ”Fine, Cobra Commander, I’ll do something to wipe away your accusations against them, for good.” To put it simply, the Good News is that Jesus, being God in human form, gave his life on the cross, shedding his precious blood to pay for all our sins.

It’s a gift with no strings attached. Unlike Santa Claus’ gifts, this one doesn’t require good behavior. If it did, we’d all fail, and the devil would keep claiming our souls again and again, which would be an exhausting and impossible battle for each of us. Rather, the moment we trust that God became our righteousness, we’re saved forever. God made salvation so simple and easy that even children can understand it. It’s the stubbornness of some adults that tends to overcomplicate the message.

Inspiration behind Eternal Eden.

For those who’ve delved into Eternal Eden, the snake’s accusations against the main hero hold particular significance. This was the guiding perspective as I crafted the game. Also, I injected a comedic touch into the character Jean, drawing inspiration from a stubborn Christian sect known as ‘lordshippers’. I made sure that Jean’s character showed signs of maturity as the game reached its conclusion.


3 responses to “Wishing you all a joyful Christmas!”

  1. blugem Avatar

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. The Christmastide season is still not over until Friday (05/01/24) but in my country, 26/12/23 is the start of selling Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year delicacies/decoration etc. Asian here o/

  2. legonenen Avatar

    First I’ve heard (that I remember :P) of “Lordshippers” but looking it up I definitely know I’ve encountered a lot of them.

    1. Elder Avatar

      They’re the ones giving a bad rap to God’s message. You’ve probably seen those street preachers (there are plenty of them online) with their cardboard signs listing sins and scaring folks about hell if they don’t change? It’s not the true message whatsoever.

      Yeah, hell’s real, but avoiding it isn’t about our behavior—it’s about trusting that Jesus covered it all for us on the cross. The moment we believe this promise, we’re saved, forever.

      If you’re worried that a cherished one passed away before hearing the message, remember, God’s aim isn’t to condemn us. I believe those already in heaven will gladly share the Good News and welcome them (which correspond many NDE testimonies). Even Jesus preached the Good News in hell for those imprisoned before his resurrection. It’s unfortunate, though, that despite such intervention, some souls still reject this free gift.

      Lordshippers don’t love this message. They fear hell, yet they harbor animosity towards the Good News. Instead, they strive to hide behind religion to feel righteous. But here’s the thing: if they’ve never believed the Good News and persistently attack it, they’ll ultimately face judgment for the very sins they accuse others of, sins they’re also guilty of.

      It’s best to be humble, accepting our imperfections, and be thankful that God made salvation so straightforward for everyone so that no one should perish. It allows us to find joy in our lives here and look forward to the promise of eternal life in heaven.

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