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What’s in Store for Uncle 2024?

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

So, here we are again, a year later, pondering the unpredictable twists of game development. Last year I posted a similar message: What Will You Be Mr. 2023? Since 2020, the world seems perched on the edge of something significant, and 2023 was not exactly reassuring.

Will the global economy take a nosedive? Your guess is as good as mine. Is artificial intelligence gearing up to render us developers and artists obsolete? Who knows? Could a nuclear bomb go off in Europe or North America? Beat me.

Despite all this uncertainty, I’ve learned to tune out the fearmongering of the mainstream media, which, by the way, seems to be on the brink of bankruptcy here in Québec – a kind of poetic justice for all the lies they’ve peddled and the social violence they’ve unleashed against us during this Orwellian warfare. It’s heartening to see more people waking up.

Having said that, we can’t predict what tomorrow holds. Whether it’s a cataclysm or something as banal as a sudden cardiac arrest or a car accident, life is uncertain.

As for me, I’m determined to make 2024 my most robust year yet. I’m not giving up on game development; it’s a passion that runs deep. I’m genuinely grateful for my audience that’s still sticking around. You’re the reason the flame inside me is still burning bright.

Happy Thanksgiving!

After crafting this blog post around Thanksgiving, I want to emphasize one more thing: I invite each of you to take a moment to make sure you can know you’ve been saved spiritually. The encouraging news is that God designed salvation to be incredibly simple and easy. It’s a swift process that takes only a few seconds. The instant you believe the Good News, understanding that Jesus, as God in human form, sacrificed himself for all our sins, rose from the dead after three days to secure our justification, and guarantees our eternal destination, you receive an unshakable assurance of entering heaven. You have been sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption to receive our glorified body. This gift is priceless, requiring nothing more than faith in what God accomplished on the cross for our eternal salvation. It transcends our own actions and identity. It’s not about being a ‘doer’ to deserve heaven, but about being a ‘believer’. The message centers on His ultimate sacrifice to rescue our souls from the challenges of this present world which is currently ruled by the devil. In the face of Satan’s persistent and legitimate charges against us (we all stand guilty), the blood of Jesus stands as our declaration of innocence before the Father. Throughout, the devil’s goal remains to ensnare us in condemnation, while God’s unwavering desire is our total forgiveness. It’s what it means to be saved. All in all, this message stands as the most peaceful on earth and the most extraordinary gift one can receive. It’s the major reason we should all show our gratitude to God (aka Thanksgiving) and attempt to be the best version of ourselves!

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