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Western Lords: New boss artwork

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While Blossomsoft Games is not in a position to officially greenlight Western Lords, the creator of the project do intend to continue experimenting with it occasionally while the Eternal Eden series is in progress. The most recent expression of this dedication is a boss artwork that takes on the appearance of a totem, specifically created for this far west-themed jRPG.

There are currently plans to revive Western Lords. So keep the shrine bookmarked.

It’s worth noting that Western Lords had its origins in 2004, with the initial goal of targeting the Game Boy Advance and, potentially, the Nintendo DS. For a brief period, the project even enjoyed a place in Gamespot’s spotlight.

In the past, maintaining an indie game development endeavor was significantly more challenging compared to today. Crowdfunding solutions didn’t exist, there were scarcely any platforms to support sales, and accessible game engines with readily available add-ons were non-existent. However, in recent years, the landscape has evolved, offering much greater opportunities for indie developers.

If you believe that resurrecting Western Lords is a project you’d like to support, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. The more your feedback is acknowledged, the greater our motivation to revive it becomes.

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  1. Catcoalatte Avatar

    That just looks friggen badass! Whoa!

    I wanna fight it! I wanna fight it! I wanna fight it!

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