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Western Lords: rare music track

I’ve got something cool to share with you today.

This track was originally suggested as part of a potential sequel for Eternal Eden by none other than Xavier Dang. However, I couldn’t resist sneaking it into the Western Lords directory.

I’m dropping it here today as a little treat for all you die-hard Western Lords fans, especially those who’ve gone on treasure hunts for chiptune music scattered across the internet related to our development. Chances are, this track might’ve slipped under your radar.


As a little extra treat, I wanted to share a track that has nothing to do with Blossomsoft, but it holds a special place in my heart. This track goes way back to when I first crossed paths with Xavier back in 1997. It’s actually one of my top 100 favorite music tracks of all time. If you’re a fan of that soothing water temple ambiance in Zelda or anything with a similar vibe in video games, I have a feeling you’re going to absolutely love this one.

If you like what you hear, don’t hesitate to shoot some feedback over to Xavier Dang. You can easily find him on YouTube and other platforms. Fun fact, he’s not just a game music maestro, but he’s also become quite the popular gaming podcaster.

If you’re looking for some great tunes, I highly recommend checking out one of his recent albums titled ‘Pixelated Timeline.’ You can easily find it on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and many others. It’s definitely worth a listen!

There are currently plans to revive Western Lords. So keep the shrine bookmarked.

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