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Vineyard and Relica System explained + ETA

So, let’s talk about what’s cookin’ in Eternal Eden – something seriously cool that’s shaking up the game: the all-new leveling system. It’s like a whole facelift from the original game version.

This feature wasn’t even in the original plan for the Mandela Edition until November 2023. It was actually designed as an exclusive feature of the Reboot Edition, but it felt so right for the Mandela Edition that I had to squeeze it in as a last minute addition.

Lemme break it down for ya – it’s called the Vineyard System.

Picture this: every dungeon is hooked up to these cosmic-themed zones, the Spiritual Vineyards. And guess what? I took inspiration from some biblical lingo to create this system.

For instance:

  • The Onyx Cave aligns with the Jubilee Vineyard.
  • Mt. Zachariah is affiliated with the Patmos Vineyard.
  • The Jericho Tomb finds its connection in the Megiddo Vineyard.
  • And so forth.

Within these vineyards lie figtrees (which also looks like grape-shaped shemas), intricate networks with roots that branch out and offer rewards such as leveling up, earning new skills, etc. To earn those rewards, you gotta pop Relica Seeds into all the node-looking roots of a figtree. Taking these Relica Seeds out from their allocated slots will negate the rewards gained. Manage your vineyards however you fancy. Just remember, sow wisely – it’s all about what you reap!

Treasure Hall?

Relica Seeds, resembling gemstones, are earned by defeating dungeon troops within each chamber. In the original 2008 version, a special room called the Treasure Hall offered unique rewards after conquering all troops of a dungeon. In the Mandela Edition, every single chamber in a dungeon is like its own Treasure Hall! Talk about leveling up the fun and getting totally hooked!

Relica Seed Types

Four distinct types of Relica Seeds exist:

  1. Mono-Type Relica: These seeds, though less potent, are limited to their corresponding vineyard and impact only the associated dungeon. For example, increasing levels or gaining new skills via Mono-Type Relicas won’t carry over to subsequent dungeons. But hey, they’ll give you a leg up against that dungeon’s boss!
  2. Prima-Type Relica: More powerful than Mono-Type, these seeds retain their effects across all dungeons. However, when combined with Mono-Type Relicas in a figtree, they function like Mono-Type.
  3. Omni-Type Relica: Exceptionally potent and rare, one single Omni-Type Relica can occupy all roots in a figtree at once, granting immense power. Moreover, it bestows holy spirit powers that target all adversaries or allies in battle, amplifying abilities like ‘Fire’ to affect all foes when empowered by an Omni-Type Relica.
  4. Cosmo-Type Relica: Crazy hard to get, but they let you keep your vineyard gains in a New Game Plus round.

Process is explained in screenshots

This dungeon chamber is filled with troops.

Once all troops in a chamber are defeated, it’s triggering the rewards.

Two chests are waiting to be opened.

A Mono-Type Relica Seed has been acquired. Yay!

Some extra money as well.

Let’s head to the Sanctuary Space, which hosts the Jubilee Vineyard.

This is one of the Spiritual Vineyards called Jubilee.

Preparing to insert a Relica Seed in the root of a figfree. The star icon means to level up by 1. P.S. This look like ‘grapes’, but I thought ‘figtrees’ sounded better.

Leveled up a few more times filling more figtrees with Relica Seeds. P.S. It shows that Noah leveled up, but it’s the whole party that leveled up equally. I still need to fix some incorrect UI stuff.

ETA and game release

Implementing the Vineyard & Relica System has necessitated additional time and adjustments, delaying the release. Fine-tuning character stats, enemy difficulties, and boss encounters from scratch to ensure balanced gameplay has been an extensive process. The system’s flexibility demands rigorous testing across diverse scenarios.

Gotta keep it real – juggling game dev with the real-world grind makes things a bit wonky sometimes.

Apart from these intricate details, the game is on the brink of completion.


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