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Two Strategy guides for the Mandela Edition

There will be two strategy guides accompanying the Mandela Edition.

The primary strategy guide, available on release day, will aim to provide a concise, straightforward document without unnecessary commentary. It will present a standard walkthrough without revealing major secrets, catering to those in need of guidance without encountering major spoilers. This guide will ensure you can successfully navigate the game up to the point of achieving the normal ending.

The second guide, planned for a later release, will unveil highly classified secrets, allowing players a specific time window to explore certain major enigmas.

Rescuing specific characters and acquiring particular inventory items won’t be readily apparent. Preserving the element of surprise is essential, and the excitement of unraveling these aspects relies on community sharing and engagement, creating an enjoyable riddle to solve. Unlocking the true ending won’t come easy!

Eventually, all will be officially revealed for everyone’s benefit.

2 responses to “Two Strategy guides for the Mandela Edition”

  1. regian06 Avatar

    I like this idea. I usually try to save the guide for a second play through anyway. Of course unless I get completely stuck, and then I find myself avoiding spoilers while trying to find the solution.

    1. Elder Avatar

      I’m totally with you on that. Using a strategy guide after that first playthrough is my go-to too, unless I hit a major roadblock.

      For those who prefer a walkthrough, the main guide will be packed with the crucial deets like puzzle solutions, battle tactics, where to find all the loot and accessories—basically, all the goods without spoiling the fun.

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