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Theater mode and DLCs

Newly Revamped Mandela Edition Unveils Exciting Features and Ghostly Detective Character.

In a major development, the source files of the original 2008 version of Eternal Eden have undergone a complete overhaul, resulting in a thoroughly reworked and highly streamlined organization.

This significant update brings forth a range of thrilling features, chief among them being the introduction of a captivating ‘Theater Mode.’ Accessible upon completing the game, this mode allows players to enjoy all the cutscene sequences in one uninterrupted viewing or choose specific chapters, akin to immersing oneself in a compelling graphic novel experience. By eliminating the need to replay the entire game, this feature provides a convenient means to swiftly delve into the storyline once again.

Moreover, Eternal Eden: Mandela Edition boasts an array of new cutscene sequences, along with the introduction of a brand new character—a spectral detective. This spectral investigator is on a mission to unravel the Mandela subterfuge that plagues the game’s world and explore the reasons behind Noah’s recurring adventures. Assisting players in locating a certain character’s lost soul from the previous edition, this spectral detective enriches the game’s narrative.

While this installment functions somewhat like a sequel, it is important to note that it is neither a complete sequel nor a remake.

The game’s limited fan release will be available exclusively through newsletter subscription, and what’s more, it will be provided completely free of charge.

Subscribers to the latest newsletters will receive a notification once the game is ready for download. This release may happen at any time without prior official announcement, so it is highly recommended to subscribe to stay informed.

Furthermore, the possibility of establishing a DLC store is being considered as a means to support the funding of future Eternal Eden games. This dedicated store would offer exclusive features and in-game accessories, allowing supporters of the project to enhance their gaming experience while contributing financially. Rest assured, the pricing for these additional offerings will be reasonable, avoiding excessive costs for interested players.

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