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Summons in the Eternal Eden series

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In the Eternal Eden franchise, summons will draw inspiration from the Holy Scriptures rather than using demonic names or names from other mythologies. The most powerful summon, known as the “King on the Cross,” will appear in all EE games and play a central role. This ultimate summon will typically be hidden within each game and provide a significant advantage when facing the final boss.

Moreover, instead of featuring traditional “magic” associated with witchcraft and sorcery, characters in the franchise will tap into the power of the Holy Spirit through prayers. These prayers will enable them to wield elemental forces like fire, ice, lightning, and healing phenomena. Interestingly, the 2008 version of Eternal Eden already included a “prayer” skill, indicating that this latest addition further enhances the thematic elements of the game.

Lastly, in the upcoming Mandela Edition, a new character named Wyend’o will be introduced as a summoner of other spirits. The list of these spirits includes:

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A colossal entity capable of moving mountains and causing earthquakes.

A tempest of locusts that voraciously consume everything in their path. Particularly effective against plant-based enemies.

is an enigmatic summon that embodies the unpredictable nature of faith. Its abilities vary each time it is summoned, making it an intriguing and uncertain ally. Harnessing the power derived from a mustard seed, this summon introduces an element of chance and luck into the battles. Prepare to test your fortune and discover the remarkable outcomes that can emerge from the smallest of seeds!

This spirit of a past cataclysmic event summons a massive tide to engulf enemies, while also revealing ancient underwater treasures as loot.

Three wise men, also known as astronomers, who utilize an unknown technology to direct the Star of Bethlehem against their foes.

An awe-inspiring silhouette of radiant light with divine powers, serving as the most potent of all summons to repel all forms of evil.

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