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The alliterative hint of Eternal Eden’s “EE” is a little nod to the Final Fantasy franchise’s “FF”. As a fun coincidence, the Eternal Eden franchise will follow a similar pattern to the Final Fantasy franchise, which could mean that it will have similar themes, storytelling elements, or game mechanics.

The numbering system is as follows:

EE1, EE2, and EE3 will be 8-bit games, similar to the first three Final Fantasy games on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

EE4, EE5, and EE6 will be 16-bit games, similar to the next three Final Fantasy games on the Super Nintendo.

EE7, EE8, and EE9 will be 32-bit games, which can be advanced tile-based 2D games, pre-rendered 3D games, or low-poly 3D games.

EE10 games onwards will be real-time 3D experiences, contingent on Blossomsoft’s continued presence (and financial capacity) to develop such ambitious projects.

It’s important to note that the release order of the games is not set in stone. EE5, for instance, can be released before EE2 is released. Et cetera. Some games may not ever be made.

Regarding the planned sequel Eternal Eden: Ecclesiah, it was intended to be a standalone sequel to the 2008 game but was later cancelled and is planned to be included in the reboot of the original game.

The 2008 version of Eternal Eden is considered a proof-of-concept ‘prototype’. A fun 8-bit demake could be created to make it fit in the 8-bit series, but the Reboot will surely be the true spiritual successor of the 2008 version.

Recently, Eternal Eden: Mandela has been announced as fan-oriented project to celebrate the late 10 year anniversary of the 2008 version. It’s the same game but it’s been completely reshuffled with new dungeons.

The current website has been designed to help fans to better navigate through the planned series.

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