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Official release date, Mandela Edition


[Trois-Rivières, Québec, September 20, 2023] — The anticipated Eternal Eden Mandela Edition is set to launch on December 11, 2023, coinciding with the 15th Anniversary of the original game’s debut on December 11, 2008.

The countdown timer on the dedicated News Page is relentlessly approaching the pivotal date. Pending unforeseen global crises, the team is steadfast in their commitment to honoring this release date, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the supportive community.

Prepare for a gaming experience like no other with the newest edition, boasting an exciting array of surprises that promise to transform the familiar into something entirely new and captivating.

As an expression of appreciation to dedicated fans, the base game will be available free of charge to those who preorder and subscribe to the newsletter.

Additionally, a new DLC store is being introduced, offering opportunities for supporters to aid upcoming Eternal Eden games through purchases. For those facing financial constraints, earning DLC for free by accumulating Eo Points on the website is an alternative.

Visit the Blossomsoft website to delve into the details of the Mandela Edition and explore upcoming exciting projects on the horizon.

Stay engaged in the lead-up to the release date, as a series of updates and revelations are set to stoke the excitement and anticipation.

About Eternal Eden Mandela Edition

Eternal Eden Mandela Edition is an enhanced and revitalized version of the beloved original game, marking its 15th Anniversary. With engaging gameplay and a host of surprises, it promises a reinvigorated experience that will captivate both new and returning players.

About Blossomsoft Games

Blossomsoft is an independant developer and publisher of immersive and engaging video game experiences, particularly in the jRPG genre. Committed to innovation and excellence, the company strives to create memorable gaming adventures that resonate with players worldwide.

For all media inquiries, kindly utilize the contact form available on the Blossomsoft Games website.

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7 responses to “Official release date, Mandela Edition”

  1. Jyoti Avatar

    Is this different than Eternal Eden Ecclesia? I pre-ordered for EEE in 2012 :) but since that didn’t happen I wonder if this is a different game and do I order for it again?

    1. Elder Avatar

      Hey Jyoti, please take a look at the following post:

      Just to let you know, you’re eligible to get the DLCs of the game for free because you backed the Ecclesiah/Reboot project. These DLCs aren’t a replacement for Eternal Eden Reboot (previously known as Ecclesiah), so you’ll still get free access to Eternal Eden Reboot upon its release.

      The Mandela Edition will somehow feels a lot like the very first announcement I made about Ecclesiah (when it was still planned as a simple RPG Maker project), before the Reboot announcement with my own engine and more complex graphical patterns.

      However, if you’d like to continue supporting my development, you have the option to contribute by purchasing the Master Bundle. It’s entirely up to you.

  2. CMS Avatar

    You dang well know I purchased the master bundle 😁 glad to see you back in the game biz! Look forward to all projects.

    1. Elder Avatar

      Thanks once more for your awesome support! It’s great to know you’re still sticking around and reading my blog.

  3. regian06 Avatar

    I may have since it went through apple pay. Order #181

  4. regian06 Avatar

    Exciting news. Already preordered a Master bundle after replaying the original.

    1. Elder Avatar

      Thank you very much. Now that you mention it, did you use a different email for your purchase than the one you’re using for this current account? Alright, I’ll make a note of it and plan a badge system for those who have purchased the Master Bundle.

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