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Near release update

Hey, folks!

Just dropping a line to keep you in the loop about the game launch. I don’t want to leave you hanging.

The current game is absolutely in its final leg!

Not rushing it like the 2008 version, though. The aim is to fill it up with all the stuff missing before. Trust me, it’s gonna be worth it. Super stoked about the new character progression—it’s a game-changer for EE1. You’re in total control of the way characters are leveling up. The new dungeon designs are off the charts as well!

I’ve decided to view the Mandela Edition as the new official version moving forward. Thinking about making it accessible on Steam later in 2024.

Regarding the delay, I had to clock in plenty of hours for my side hustle lately, which is why things got delayed, unfortunately. Gotta stay on top of those monthly bills, you know? Can’t afford to dive back into that financial mess I was in before. Been hustling hard in 2023 to break free from that cycle, aiming for some stability during 2024, especially for the upcoming games in the series.

That being said, I’m putting my all into getting this game ready pronto. Thanks to the new DLC sales, today’s a breather from my side hustle, and tomorrow’s exclusively reserved for game development. We’re almost there, everyone!

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  1. Jo27 Avatar

    Kudos on the breather day, I’m sure everyone here is waiting for the mandela edition. Glad you kept us updated

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