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Mt. Zachariah: Done!

Blog post written by Elder Prince, Creator of Eternal Eden.

Whew. I just finished beta testing Mt. Zachariah today. Battles are way more intense in this newest version. And don’t count on Noah’s Buster Charge to help you out of tight spots because I didn’t made this powerful skill accessible directly from Onyx Cave. This Mandela Edition is for sure harder but, stay reassured, the difficulty is balanced. I’m making sure the pacing as smooth as possible; I’m mimicking the same greatness of the original game.

These new dungeons are much longer. Mt Zachariah, for instance, is twice longer to complete than in the original game. I’ve added tons of new chambers and secrets.

I had to readjust the leveling growth of the characters from scratch. It forces me to re-balance the stats of each weapon, spell and enemy as well. It’s kinda time-consuming, making me replay the same dungeons over and over until I’m very satisfied with the overall quest progression. Of course, I’ve created some internal scripts to avoid overexerting myself.

The most serious impediment to the soonest release date possible of Eternal Eden: Mandela Edition is that I’m required to do DoorDash deliveries several hours a day to cope with important monthly bills. I tried to take a few days off during the second week of December to focus on the game only, but it added too much financial stress. That being said,

I’m planning to make Eternal Eden: Mandela Edition available for free to make an experiment with the donation pay model.

This way, less fortunate gamers could play the game without worrying about money in these harsh times of inflation while more wealthy gamers could help support my endeavors. Let’s assume this model is successful, I will repeat it again for Eternal Eden 2 and Eternal Eden 5. So, well, if you’re concerned about me spending more hours in the game rather than doing food deliveries, click the button below:

All in all, I’m very happy to rediscover the old game we all loved in a totally alternate way. It truly feels like a brand new game. Once the beta testing is finished for each dungeon, which shouldn’t be that long no matter what, the game will be in your hands.


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