Eternal Eden Series

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Lost echoes of an old friend

Amidst the vast expanse of celestial wonders, a team of dedicated astronomers has stumbled upon a somber discovery. Through their tireless efforts, they have unearthed a poignant transmission, resonating with long-lost memories. It is the voice of a forgotten companion, reaching out from the depths of time.

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Hey, it’s Downey… It’s been ages since we last met. Sorry for not reaching out earlier. It feels like my pleas are getting lost in a never-ending hallway of nothingness. Am I even alive anymore? This place I’m trapped in feels like an eternity of cold emptiness. The light here is so fake, it doesn’t warm me up at all. Everything feels lifeless and empty, like there’s no comfort anywhere. But hey, guess what? I made a new friend named Wyend’o. He’s a bit strange, but he’s the only friend I have here. It’s kind of lonely, you know… And then there’s this snake called ‘Nachash’ that’s always trying to mess with my mind. It’s really scary. I don’t want to be alone in this place, Noah. Please don’t leave me here all by myself. Please, please, please! It’s so cold… It’s so empty… Hey, it’s Downey… It’s been ages since we last met. Sorry for…


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