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Lampstand Trophy System in Eternal Eden Mandela Edition

Eternal Eden Mandela Edition now proudly introduces a unique trophy system, designed to immerse you further into its biblical-themed universe. Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions seen in games on Steam and various gaming consoles, the Mandela Edition’s trophy system rewards you for completing specific tasks, reaching game milestones, or making rare discoveries. These additions aim to challenge you further and enhance the game’s replay value.

These trophies, aptly named Lampstands, align with the biblical theme, varying in rarity based on the challenges they represent:

Shepherd Lampstands (Common)

Shepherd Lampstands are the foundation of the game’s trophy system, awarding you for smaller achievements or basic milestones within the game. Reflecting the humble beginnings of biblical shepherds like David, this tier marks your initial steps towards spiritual awakening. It symbolizes the budding responsibilities and quests you undertake as you start your journey, nurturing and protecting your flock within the world of Eternal Eden. These lampstands are primarily awarded for attending to the needs of NPCs.

Prophet Lampstands (Rare)

Awarded for uncovering the game’s secrets—such as hidden rooms or events—Prophet Lampstands signify a deeper connection to the divine. This tier celebrates players who, like the prophets Elijah or Isaiah, have shown remarkable faithfulness and have been granted greater knowledge and powers. Here, you face more significant challenges, leading and inspiring others while potentially performing miracles or deciphering divine messages.

Apostle Lampstands (Difficult)

Apostle Lampstands are reserved for those who accomplish the game’s most challenging tasks, especially during battles. This tier honors the spiritual courage and achievements of New Testament Apostles, such as Peter and Paul, who spread their teachings far and wide. Players who reach this level have not only mastered the game’s teachings but have also demonstrated exceptional bravery and leadership, greatly influencing the game’s narrative.

Messiah Lampstands (Epic)

The Messiah Lampstands represent the zenith of spiritual triumph within Eternal Eden. Achieving this tier might require completing exceptionally challenging tasks, even requiring multiple playthroughs in New Game+ mode to unlock powerful relics. This tier is a testament to ultimate dedication and mastery, symbolizing a player’s unparalleled influence and legacy in the game’s world.

Whether you’re a Shepherd starting your quest or a Messiah reshaping the world of Eternal Eden, each Lampstand you earn marks a significant milestone in your quest. May your collection of Lampstands glow brightly!


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  1. John Avatar

    Looking good!! I’m a perfectionist and I’m gonna definitely aim for the Messiah Lampstands.
    Can’t wait for the release now :)

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