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January Roundup

In my last post, I mentioned a significant personal situation, a family issue, that encroached on my time dedicated to the project. We’re not quite out of the woods yet, but I’m expecting February to be a step in the right direction.

I managed to press on with some key maintenance work. One of those tasks was transitioning EE from ‘VX’ to ‘VX Ace’, a move I was initially reluctant to make for the Mandela Edition due to my preference for the original Tankentai battle system script from 2008. The first task was a no-brainer, but the one after that really upped the ante.

I opted to redesign the battle system entirely. After experimenting with a modified version of the Tankentai script by a modding team, it became clear that their adjustments were cumbersome to integrate with my own new ideas. The new battle system I’ve developed cuts down the code by 70%, leading to a more efficient and well-organized setup.

Such adaptations are crucial for the potential addition of new DLC with story-driven content post-launch.


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