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January is a bit of a tough cookie for my game dev timetable…

Hey friends,

Just wanted to give you a quick update and keep things real with you. I hesitate to share personal difficulties, as it feels like it exposes a weak spot in my indie game dev armor. And that’s not the vibe I want for my 2024 dev logs. So, I’ll keep this brief.

So, January threw some curveballs at my game dev schedule. Truth to be told, I barely got any time to sit in front of my computer and dive into development. The really frustrating part? The Mandela Edition is practically at the finish line, needing my full and continuous attention for those crucial final details, instead of occasional time snippets. It’s eerie, almost like those tales of game projects that hit a financial wall just before completion.

For now, I’m determined to handle these issues by myself, so that I can get back to focusing on game development as soon as I can.

Well, let’s wrap this up on a positive note, because I’m not keen on ending things on a down note. I’m absolutely thrilled with how the Mandela Edition has been shaping up. It’s a new gem way better than the 2008 version, and I’m itching to share it with you all. Hang tight a little longer – it’ll be worth it.

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