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High definition ground textures for Mandela Edition

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of Eternal Eden, the Master Bundle DLC (available in the store section) will feature enhanced ground textures, adding an extra dash of coolness to your replay.

You can compare screenshots of two dungeons, showcasing both the standard and HD versions, by sliding the node left and right below.

Please note that this graphical enhancement is a minor addition and does not provide a complete preview of the upcoming Eternal Eden games designed with the real Blossomsoft engine. However, it should make the Master Bundle DLC worthwhile.

2 responses to “High definition ground textures for Mandela Edition”

  1. legonenen Avatar

    At first, due to my slow internet probably, the sliders weren’t working properly and I saw barely any change between the HD and the older versions :P

    1. Elder Avatar

      Yup, the graphics still holds that classic RPG Maker VX vibe. Rather than a complete remake, this latest edition is more of a tribute to those who cherished the original game, adding a fresh flavor to the experience.

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