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Gratitude to New Backers: A Heartfelt Thanks

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Only two weeks left until the planned release date. It feels relatively safe, but I’ve got a feeling I’ll be making it just in the nick of time.

I’ve informed my relatives and friends that I’d like to avoid contact with them for now to steer clear of any flu or sickness. It’s crucial for me to stay healthy and focused on my goal, and getting sick would completely throw me off track.

This journey’s a wild ride, let me tell you. I must balance earning money with food deliveries to sustain myself and dedicating time to game development. It’s a delicate balance; avoiding increased debt while ensuring the game’s timely release is a constant struggle.

Initially, pre-orders were slow, which was kind of expected considering the general perception that I quit game development after a decade-long break.

For now, I’ve abstained from reaching out to my thousands of subscribers from the past. I want to wait until a week after the official release date. Allowing me a window to squash bugs and, fingers crossed, drum up support for the exciting 2024 game projects ahead.

Each new pre-order helps carve out a few precious hours from my side gig. If you’re keen on seeing the game hit its release mark, now’s the perfect time to lend your support to the future of Eternal Eden games by grabbing the Master Bundle DLC. Keep in mind, the base game is accessible to everyone, absolutely free of charge.

Big kudos to our latest pre-order!

I was speechless when I saw this order:

It turned out to be a generous donation. I reached out myself to double-check it wasn’t a mix-up, to which the donator replied:

Hi Elder, yes that was intentional to sort of donate to development! I appreciate the game and my wife really enjoys it as well. Looking forward to playing the Mandela Edition and seeing the updates!

Wow. Courtesy of your generous donation, my friend, I’m able to enjoy a four-day break this week from my side gig to focus 100% on the game development.

Massive thanks to everyone backing this dream! While many prefer anonymity, feel free to express yourself in the comment section if you’re comfortable.

The Mandela Edition takes the original version to a whole new level!


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