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YogDeli, available now


I’m thrilled to announce that today marks the official release date of my latest project, YogDeli. This science-fiction and horror themed short-story has a Lovecraftian vibe that will give you chills. Movie enthusiasts will also recognize that I drew inspiration from the captivating noir film, Dark City, to create this story.


Logan’s life takes a sudden and unexpected turn when he meets a mysterious stranger at a bar who introduces him to a strange food delivery app. With this app, Logan gains entry to a sprawling and abandoned city, a sinister urban labyrinth where the only signs of life are the strange and anonymous customers who order food. Logan’s journey into the unknown is a heart-pounding thrill ride filled with suspense and mystery at every turn.

I wrote YogDeli during my downtime between DoorDash deliveries, and I used ChatGPT to help me fix typos and generate some technical sequences when needed. While ChatGPT is not a magic wand, it was an indispensable tool that required my active involvement to ensure the flow of the story was great.

I’m excited to offer YogDeli for free on, but if you feel inclined to support my work, you can make a donation of your choice. I hope you enjoy this latest creation, and I look forward to sharing more projects with you in the future.

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