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Get ready as the release date of the Mandela Edition draws near

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With the approach of the colder season, the release date of Eternal Eden: Mandela Edition is rapidly approaching. Make sure you’re primed to fully embrace this innovative take on the 2008 classic.

Here are three essential tasks to add to your to-do list in anticipation:

1. Rekindle Memories with a Replay

To fully appreciate the nuances of the Mandela Edition, consider revisiting the original 2008 version. Replaying the game will provide you with a renewed understanding of its storyline and events. While the Mandela Edition isn’t a conventional sequel or a remake, its innovative approach to the narrative will resonate more deeply if you have a fresh memory of the game’s initial journey.

2. Unveil the Enigma of the Mysterious Amulet

An unforgettable artifact from the original game, the mysterious Amulet remained an enigmatic object, never to be wielded by players. However, this time around, the Mandela Edition promises to lift the veil on this puzzling item. Ensure you have your save file intact at the conclusion of the game, as doing so will finally grant you the opportunity to uncover the long-awaited secrets within the latest edition.

3. Secure Your Status as an Official Subscriber

By enrolling as an official subscriber, you open the door to an array of benefits, including exclusive Early Access to the game prior to its official release.

Notably, signing up on the website also enables you to accumulate points, which serve as valuable assets in enhancing your gaming journey. These points can be redeemed to unlock a variety of special downloadable content (DLCs), enriching your overall gameplay experience.

Wondering what rewards you can reap through these points?

  1. Official Walkthrough Strategy Guide: Gain access to a comprehensive walkthrough guide that will assist you in navigating every facet of the game world.
  2. In-game Mini-Map: Never lose your way again with the assistance of an in-game mini-map, ensuring you explore every nook and cranny effortlessly.
  3. Special Weapons, Armors, and Accessories: Elevate your character’s capabilities with unique in-game items that are otherwise accessible only through DLCs.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that without points, these DLCs will be available for purchase using real USD currency.

That being said, the revenue generated from these purchases plays a pivotal role in funding and supporting the development of exciting new Eternal Eden titles. Still, for those mindful of their budgets who seek a cost-free experience, you’re invited to engage with the website on a weekly basis to earn points.

Strive for 10,000 points, but it’s important to note that achieving this should be done without resorting to excessive or disruptive actions, like spamming.


Your dedication and involvement are key to reaching this milestone, and doing so contributes not only to your personal gaming satisfaction but also to the advancement of the entire Eternal Eden realm.

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2 responses to “Get ready as the release date of the Mandela Edition draws near”

  1. regian06 Avatar

    Very exciting. Ive been following on and off since playing the original.

    Also had a great time with Darkblood a few years ago.

    1. Elder Avatar

      That’s fantastic to hear, regian06. It’s also great that you subscribed to the website. My primary objective of the Mandela Edition is to express gratitude to dedicated followers like you for their patience over the span of a decade.

      Darkblood Chronicles was an awesome game created by Dorian Tokici, a member of Blossomsoft. It deserves a new wave of replays :)

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