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Foe: Watermelon Caitsith

The bestiary within Eternal Eden 5 promises to be both expansive and diverse. For additional insights, be sure to delve into the Elder Prince’s development log aptly titled: ‘Seriously, we need to talk about diversity’, located within the Devlog section in the top menu.

With the waning days of summer and the specter of school’s return on the horizon, paying homage to the departing season through a watermelon-themed monster adds a touch of whimsy. The monster’s role, whether a central boss or a sidetrack beast for a hunter’s quest, remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Drawing inspiration from titles such as Breath of Fire, Super Mario RPG, and Grandia, the battle system in Eternal Eden V is designed to mirror the charm of these classics. Infused with a delightful and light-hearted aesthetic reminiscent of the GBA and NDS era, glimpses of gameplay footage will be unveiled post-September.

As fellow gamers, what ingenious strategies do you foresee devising to triumph over such a creature?


2 responses to “Foe: Watermelon Caitsith”

  1. regian06 Avatar

    The eye or the tongue look vulnerable, but it seems as if something more sinister could be hiding under the top half.

    1. Elder Avatar

      That’s a good idea, regian06. This Watermelon Caitsith might indeed conceal a lurking horror beneath its peel. It’s noted.


      Something sinister like this?


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