Eternal Eden Series

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First glimpse into Eternal Eden 4

As of the current moment, no official decisions have been made regarding Eternal Eden 4, except for the graphical style. The article “Roadmap for the Eternal Eden Series” indicates that the game is intended to be a jRPG with a SNES-themed approach, drawing inspiration from classic titles released between 1991 and 1993, notably Final Fantasy 4 but also games like Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia.

P.S. Just a heads up, the sprite known as ‘Noah’ is just a placeholder in these images.

In contrast to its successor, Eternal Eden 5, the fourth installment aims to delve into a darker theme, exploring concepts of betrayal and war. These elements promise to bring a unique and immersive experience to players as they journey through the game’s narrative. However, it’s important to note that details may evolve or change as development progresses.

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