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Eternal Eden XI and XIV might not be video games.

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Let’s talk real talk for a sec. Life’s got me spinning plates, right? Dealing with severe financial headaches, drowning in monthly bills, and hustling non-stop on the side—it’s like a never-ending grind. And trying to squeeze in some game dev time? Man, that’s a whole another level of crazy.

At this moment, one could argue that Blossomsoft Games has hit rock bottom with no chance of bouncing back, despite my efforts…

But I’ve never been keen on the idea of surrendering.

Furthermore, the decision to release Eternal Eden Mandela Edition as a free game has me worried about the financial aspect. While DLCs offer some support, it seems like a constrained opportunity. Additionally, the use of RPG Maker VX, an outdated technology, dampens expectations for significant sales on Steam, especially since the game doesn’t support full-screen mode on modern 4K monitors without crazy flickers.

At the moment, delivering food is my only way of earning money, and the market conditions have been harsh. There are times when I barely earn 5 USD an hour, leading me to accrue more debt. So, it keeps me further from returning to game development. That’s why I’ve been off the radar for the past few months. It’s a freaking nightmare.

A lightbulb moment

So, I had this spark of inspiration. Why not write stories set in the Eternal Eden universe? It seems like the perfect solution for making the most out of my food delivery gig to craft some fiction.

because let’s face it, you can’t really do game dev in a car. That’s the biggest obstacle I’m facing. However, text-based projects are a whole different ball game.

So, whenever I’m waiting for delivery notifications, or if there’s a bit of a wait at restaurants, I can use that time to knock out chapter after chapter of an Eternal Eden novel or short-story using my phone.

A Similar roadmap to Final Fantasy

In a previous post, I mentioned I’m tipping my hat to the Final Fantasy series by adopting a similar naming scheme for my Eternal Eden games, which I thought was a fun homage.

However, I’m steering clear of multiplayer online games. Since Final Fantasy XI and XIV went the MMORPG route, I’m thinking of reserving Eternal Eden XI and XIV for something unique, like novels or visual novels, to mix things up.

Eternal Eden XI, in a nutshell

So, EE11 is shaping up to be a trilogy of main novels, flanked by a variety of short stories, chronicles and other media formats. I’m even considering illustrations, along with soundtracks and dramatized audio versions to enrich the experience. My goal is to create something as engaging and immersive as ‘The Lord of the Rings’, but also easy to dive into.

Much like Final Fantasy XI unfolded through successive expansion packs, Eternal Eden XI will likewise evolve in a series of incremental steps to keep you entertained.

Could there be any risk?

It seems my other short stories, which are accessible here, didn’t garner much enthusiasm. I’m thinking horror stories just weren’t your thing. I’m hoping my fantasy-driven creations will spark more interest, particularly those set in the world of Eternal Eden.

Who’s to say? Someday down the line, these novels, short stories, and chronicles might just transform into an actual video game.

Important clarification

This doesn’t serve as a replacement for my central video game work; it’s merely a means to stay productive during the countless hours spent in my car on food delivery shifts.


Using the income from these sales, I intend to publicly chart my ongoing debts and regular monthly expenses, as well as the financial resources necessary to finish developing all the announced Eternal Eden titles, so it may help you know where it’s going. The goal is for my supporters to enable me to dedicate myself fully to game development, instead of dividing most of my time with unrewarding side gigs.

Important mention. It is not a replacement to my main video game projects, but just something to progress with while I’m in my car during my food delivery shifts.

All in all, I’m hoping these stories will be the ticket to going all-in on game dev, leaving those side gigs in the dust.

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3 responses to “Eternal Eden XI and XIV might not be video games.”

  1. Elder Avatar

    Jo’s comment in the Discord community was quite intriguing:

  2. legonenen Avatar

    Sounds like a pretty cool idea, if you get physical editions of books out I’ll try to recommend them to my local library too.

    1. Elder Avatar

      Thanks, Legonenen. I’ve already drafted two chapters in my car today and have a clear idea of where the story is headed. At least I’m turning this bad situation into something productive.

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