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2024: Eternal Eden, Western Lords, Miyoo Mini Plus, RetroArch and More

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The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Hey there!

So, after the Mandela Edition drops, I’ve got some cool plans in the works for 2024. I’ve got my sights set on the retro gaming scene. I want to bring both Eternal Eden 1 (an official port) and Eternal Eden 5 (a totally new game) to the Super Nintendo (SNES) or Game Boy Advance (GBA) old formats. Essentially, the game will be playable across different platforms.

And here’s the kicker – this path would also allows Miyoo Mini Plus and the RG35XX owners to play the digital version as a ROM on a real tangible device without losing any of the original game quality. Pretty neat, right?

I’ve got a Miyoo Mini Plus myself and replaying classics like Final Fantasy 4 (the Ultima hack, to be accurate) has only pumped up my desire to see Eternal Eden on a similar setup, just like the good old days.

For those who’d rather play on their computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac), don’t worry, it will be a breeze with the RetroArch platform. Technically, Eternal Eden will be available on nearly everything.

I’m also considering the possibility of a physical edition, especially if there’s enough interest from fans willing to chip in via a crowdfunding campaign. This would let them play the game on their well-preserved, old-school consoles. It’ll include an authentic box art and a colorful, printed instruction booklet. However, I need to be really cautious with this possibility, especially due to the unpredictable nature of inflation these days.

My thought is to make the digital version free. Charging for a ‘ROM’ doesn’t sit right with me, especially considering how easy it is for ROMs to be pirated. So, I’m thinking of setting up a crowdfunding campaign based on donations to make this multi-platform idea a reality. Perhaps it could be a Patreon campaign, in exchange of making regular tech demos available. And perhaps, I might throw in some cool merchandise ideas or unique DLCs if people prefer to buy something rather than donating.

It’s all still in the planning stages as of now, but it’s pretty much the direction I’m looking to take, because it aligns with my original goal from way back in 2005. It also serves as a stepping stone for the much-anticipated Western Lords project, originally set as a Game Boy Advance endeavor. I’d love to finally bring this old dream to life.

Western Lords demo, tested on the Miyoo Mini Plus

I’ve always wanted to create a genuine 16-bit experience rather than just imitating it. Right now, I’m leaning more towards a niche market, on crafting an experience that resonates deeply with dedicated retro gaming aficionados, rather than the big platforms like Steam. Of course, games like Eternal Eden Reboot will aim mainstream platforms. One step at a time, though!

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4 responses to “2024: Eternal Eden, Western Lords, Miyoo Mini Plus, RetroArch and More”

  1. Gin Havana Avatar
    Gin Havana

    It’s so cool

  2. legonenen Avatar

    Always a cool idea to have ports to old consoles.

  3. blugem Avatar

    Sound like fun idea. Might be able join the crowdfunding if it is next year.

  4. Catcoalatte Avatar

    Hey, this sounds like an exciting idea! Bringing back the classics is always a win. I’m curious about the crowdfunding part for the physical edition. Also, making the digital version free is a generous move, but how do you plan to sustain the project in the long run? Looking forward to more updates on your progress!

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