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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 09 Saving the orb of Life

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.



Before we go on, let’s plunder some treasures from the Eden cave. You will find this cave as marked as no. 6 in the world map. Enter the cave and save. The next area has a tonic. The following region has mid-tonic, tonic and remedy. Move on to find remedy and tonic. The hall of treasure will give rubber ring.

Now sail to the south of the blue lagoon island in the world map and enter Gate 1# (marked as no. 12 in world map). The entrance has three mid tonics and a life tab. Enter the half open gate and you will get transported to another world. Read the conversation to get an idea of where have you landed. Walk out of the place and keep walking along the path till you come across a house on an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. Enter it and a surprise is waiting for you. Read the conversation carefully. You are introduced to bounty hunting. You will receive hunting license 2. Go through the door up the room to enter a hall. Unlock the gates with the keys you have (right now you will have only onyx key, golden key and the floral key). See what happens. Get inside the unlocked cabins to know more about what you have unleashed. Go back and see what Gideon has to say. Fight it and get back to the cabin from where it has been released. You will see a crystal glowing. Go near it and press enter/action button to retrieve an item from it. Exit and walk towards north. We will return here after we complete the current quest.


Keep walking till you reach the Marse cave. The foes are quite strong here (though weak to ice) but don’t have high hp, so try to wipe them as many as possible in the first round. The entrance has a life potion. Talk to the creature to let you pass. The next region has iron nugget and tonic. Carry on to the successive room to find tonic, two iron nuggets and remedy. The following room is the hall of treasures and has two iron nuggets and tonic. The next room yields tonic, two iron nuggets, onyx and the “defense up” spell. Retrieve the tonic and two iron nuggets in the successive room. Get back to the hall of treasures to get the dodge ring. Exit the cave to the other side.

As you shall pass by a dilapidated house on the upper left hand side of the marse cave, care to enter it. Select “yes” when asked and see what happens. Follow the in-game tip carefully. We need to return to this house for a side quest, so let’s name it ‘home1’ for ease of recall. Moreover you can always come here for healing your entire party for free! Exit the house and move ahead. You will find yourself meandering through the path across the world map. Keep walking till you reach the weapon shop. Buy and sell anything (must buy sleep rings) and enter the darker and broken look-alike of the Gaia temple-the dead Gaia.


Here’s the entire map of the Dead Gaia. (Zoom to get full view)

The characters will start commenting. Search the place for two tonics and ether. Go down the stairs and pick up mushroom before you save and move on. Collect the mushroom from the next area and carry on. While going to the next area you will find the characters talking. After you reach the new area you will see two strips of land on both sides connected by tiles and two more inaccessible strips of land bearing two chests in front of you. For the sake of convenience let’s call this area as ‘ground 0’. From here, take to your right.

Keep walking the narrow strip of land, collect the mushroom and get the tiamat armor. The enemies here casts poison or paralysis, so be prepared with proper equipments before you face them. Return to ‘ground 0’, cross the tiles and walk to your left. Pick up the tonic on your way and carry on. As you reach the dead end of this strip, cross the tile and follow the opposite strip of land. Collect the mushroom on your way and reach another area that looks similar to ‘ground 0’. Retrieve oreades from this region and follow the right path.

Keep walking and pick up the tonic and two mushrooms along the way till you meet a dead end blocked by a blue stone/switch. Get back one screen, jump over the tiles onto the opposite strip and walk towards south. Climb the stairs when you see it. This room has remedy, mushroom, mid tonic and life potion. Get the doom rod from the chest. The enemies here can cast ‘sleep’ inflicting spells so equip suitable accessories. You will find some instructions on the pillar for the maze puzzle in the southern room. Read it and enter the room. Now this puzzle is difficult to describe so you will have to do it on your own.

Some tips-

when the moving rocks are following you make sure you don’t enter any dead end or else you will have to restart the puzzle. The moving rocks walk in parallel with you, so you can block them from following you by hiding behind the stationary rocks. Just make sure you are way ahead of them. There is no time limit so you can take your time. Also, you cannot use the shift key to walk rapidly. Good luck!

After you complete the puzzle don’t forget to collect these items from this room-mid ether, two mushrooms, two tonics, mid-tonic, remedy and ether. A conversation follows while leaving this room. The next room has mushroom and three tonics. The following room yields tonic and mushroom. Pull the switch to deactivate all the red stones/switches.

Go back one screen and retrieve gungnir spear from the chest. Get back to the room with stairs and follow the left route. Pick up the tonic, oreades, two mushrooms, mid-tonic and ether. The chest has stained tunic. You need the sewer key to open the gate. Get back to the previous room and head down the stairs.

Keep walking the strip to where it leads. Collect the mushroom and move on till you come across a save point. The north path leads to the hall of treasures. Cross the tiles to your right and keep walking the strip. Pick up the tonic and oreades on your way and climb up the stairs when you come across it. The area has mushroom, tent, ether, remedy and two tonics. Go into the next room. Here you will find mid-tonic, mushroom, two and tonics. The following room is the entrance of the dead Gaia, only blocked by the green stones/switches. Collect mid-tonic and mid-ether along your way to the north. There pick up life potion, two mushrooms, two tonics and oreades before you exit to north. A conversation ensues. This room has three tonics, oreades, mushroom, iron nugget and ether. Move to your right to get the sewer key. Head back and climb down the stairs.

Walk towards the previous stairs we climbed, following the same strip. When you reach an area with tiles connecting the opposite strip, jump over and walk towards north along that strip. Keep walking while collecting oreades and mushroom and reach the chest. Open the chest to get a belias dress. Walk back along the strip till you hit the dead end blocked-chest; move back one screen, cross the tiles and walk north. Go to the hall of treasures, collect your treasures (with oreades in that room), exit and follow the right path.

Keep walking till you reach the stairs. Climb it and walk west. Unlock the gate with the sewer key. Move north and observe the characters talking. The following area has remedy, two tonics and ether. Enter the next room to play the maze puzzle. After completing it collect three mushrooms, mid-tonic, three remedies, oreades, two tonics, two iron nuggets and treant wand from the chest in this room. Move on to the next room to get mushroom, two tonics, remedy and iron nugget. Pull the switch to deactivate the blue switches/stones. Move to the northern room and solve another maze puzzle. Pick up the three tonics, four remedies, ether, three mushrooms, two iron nuggets, mid-tonic and shockwave spell. Go back to the gate that was unlocked using the sewer key. Follow left path and then down. Get the tiamat sword from the chest. Keep walking till you reach the room of stairs going down. Open the chest to get tiamat shield. Go down and follow the strip going to the hall of treasures in the sewers. Keep following the strip till you come across the tiles. Jump over them and walk west. Open the chest to get prophet hat. Jump back and go up to the gate that opened with the sewers key on the second floor. Walk one screen left and go up the path. This room has remedy, oreades, ether, mushroom and tonic. Walk left and collect three tonics, two mushrooms, ether, life potion and remedy. The next room has maze puzzle. Solve it to get three mushrooms, life potion, remedy, tonic, two ethers, oreades and mid-tonic from this room. The next area has two mushrooms, two tonics, iron nugget, remedy and ‘spirit down’ spell. The following area yields life potion and mushroom. Move on to your right and pick up the tent and save. Go north to find two tonics. Pull the switch to deactivate the green stones/switches.

Return to the previous screen, move down and go to your left. The hall of treasure also contains two tonics other than the ‘cure ||’ spell and bonus xp. Again go back two screens to your right onto the third screen. Open the chest to get tiamat helmet. Go down from that screen and keep walking till you reach the last room. Collect two mid-tonics and bolt || spell (note: this is for those who couldn’t collect this spell back near onyx cave).

Return to where you had deactivated the green switches. Heal up, save, wear equipments that lower thunder damage and move on. Watch the dialogues. You will be attacked by the cherubims. Defeat them to face the boss-Dark Linette. Defeat it and see the events that follow. Exit the dead Gaia. Onto the world map, go to your left and you will see a path disappearing in the mountains. Enter it and walk along the path. Push the pillar on the red square and go down. You have discovered the shortcut to Gate 1# from the other side. Before you exit, go to Gideon’s shop and unlock the cabin using the rusty key. Return to the gate and exit. On reaching the other side you will be directly taken to the fairy queen. Follow the conversation and the in-game instructions carefully. Ask the queen to heal you, but do not exit the Gaia temple.



Remember to unlock creatures from Gideon’s shop whenever you get some new key(s). Since we are already inside Gaia temple, let’s complete one of our side quests-bounty hunting. Please refer to the chart below to see which creatures to be found where. (Thanks to osisco, eli, aislingyngaio, abgold, mara34 for your contribution to their locations)

Aquatic spirits:
Location: in blue lagoon. Go through the hidden passage and carry on till you see a stationary blue smoke.
Reward: 5 mid-ether
Battle tactic: accessorize members with frog mask to lower water damages. You can attack up the team members with Joelle’s blessing chant and use Noah’s buster charge along with other physically hitting them. Or else simply let the others physically attack while you cast Jean’s Bolt Omni.

Location: fountain de-activation switch room in Gaia temple.
Reward: sentry ring
Battle tactic: use the mole mask to protect members from earth damage. Casts all-party earth spell that deals massive damage. Keep healing and attacking using either of shockwave or bolt ||.

Wounded fairy:
Location: fairy wood, the place where you found Joelle.
Reward: fairy ring
Battle tactic: this fairy cannot be defeated by fighting. Use the bread on her during the fight and she will go back to her crystal. However if you plan to level up your characters then you can keep fighting her as she would re-spawn after each fight. Each fight gives you 1500 xp and 1000 gp.

Location: beach/shore of Eden in world of light.
Reward: 5 life tabs. Battle tactic: attack up Noah using either Downey’s attack up spell or Joelle’s oomph spell.

King of slimes:
Location: the room with a piano in princess palace in the world of light.
Reward: 3 elixir and 2 spirit tab. Battle tactic: only use the dissolvent on it. Will be killed in just 6 turns. It is resistant to all kinds of attacks, whether magical or physical. Go back to the Gideon shop in the dark world to collect your reward as well as from the crystals.

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