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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 07 Gaia Temple

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Walk on the world map towards Gaia temple. Joelle will unlock the door. Get inside. Here you will find leaves floating on water. You can jump on it to get on the other side but once you jump on them and move over, they perish. However the leaves with flowers will allow you to jump on it twice. So make your way wisely. Remember this as this information will be useful in solving puzzles. Save and follow the northern route.

You will come across a new kind of puzzle-the leaf puzzle. The wall has the instructions scribbled on it. The puzzle is simple- you have to perish all the leaves before jumping on to the star-marked platform. See the screenshot-I’ve numbered the leaves so that you consecutively follow the numbers and jump on the leaves accordingly. The leaf with flower has two numbers (separated by a slash) assigned to it. That means you have to jump on it twice at different times as per the numbers allotted to it. The sequence is consecutive: 1-2-3-4-5-6. So you jump on the leaves with the assigned number, starting from 1. After jumping from 4 to 5, you jump back to 6(which is the same leaf as 4) and then on 7. The puzzle solution is shown in the screenshot.

Collect remedy and tonic before moving on. A conversation follows. The next area has ether, two tonics and seashell. Go to your left. Here you will find another leaf puzzle. Follow the numbers in the screenshot to solve it.

The next room also has a puzzle. Follow the screenshot below.

The chest has floral key. Press the switch to re-spawn the leaves and make your way out. Go back to the entrance of Gaia temple. Follow the right path. The room has two tonics. Move on to the next area. It has tonic and teresa robe in the chest. Use the floral key to unlock the gate. The following area is another puzzle. Here the leaves with same color disappear if you step on any one of it. You have to jump and make your way to the upper right corner of the screen where the switch will reset the leaves. Then follow the screenshot.

The next area is the hall of treasures. Move on to the left. Here is another puzzle. Follow the screenshot.

Go north. This area will yield two tonics. There is a secret passage here below the upper right fairy. Enter it to get frog mask (refer screenshot).

Move to the north. Solve this puzzle using the following screenshot.

After the puzzle is solved, move to the upper left platform; the chest has trident. Proceed to the eastern path. Retrieve two tonics and remedy before moving on. The following region is a long route to a red chest. Before you open the chest collect the two herbs. Now jump on the leaf in front of the left fountain. Jump to your left again, walk two spaces down and jump again. Keep it up and make your way down. On the way down collect tonic and mid-tonic. On reaching the blue leaf you’ll discover another hot-point. Retrieve defense tab, spirit tab, speed tab, life tab and magic tab and get back to the red chest. Open it and you will discover another ability-swimming.

Head back to the entrance and follow the left path this time. The area that immediately follows has tonic and herb. Next arrive to the area with shore and water and get remedy, tonic, limestone and herb. You cannot access the chest now as they are guarded by fountains. Get into the water from the shore and swim ahead. Don’t forget to check the corners in water bodies too as they yield many items.

The water body in the following region has two limestones, remedy and two water lilies. Fight the foe and move ahead. The next area has water lily and tonic. Proceed onwards to find has limestone and tonic. The chest has ritual tiara. The successive area has tonic, mid-tonic and tent. Save in the following region and walk up to the top. Pull the switch to deactivate the fountains. Walk back one screen and access the chest to get a nephilim dress. You’ll also find a life potion. Go back to the shore where you started from and open the chest. Head back to the entrance and move to the right path. The chest contains thunder sword. Return to the entrance and follow the northern path. Reach the shore and dive in the water. Keep on swimming till you reach a passage blocked by a smoke. Collect the tonic and mid-tonic and then fight to move ahead. The following area has three water lilies, three tonics, elixir and mid tonic. Fight the foes and carry on. The next water body yields two tonics.

Swim till you reach the land. Collect tent and tonic. Heal and save and return to the hall of treasures. Collect your bonus xp and icebrand sword and then return here. Watch the cut scene ahead and carry on. Get ready for a fight. Put on rings that lower water damages. Meet the Water Fiend. Follow the conversation and ask fairy queen to heal your party. Time to head on for our next quest.

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