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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 06 Blue Lagoon

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Here you sail through the passages and you need to drop on the shores to collect items. Don’t ignore the isolated lilies or leaves since they too hide items. The first area has four herbs, tonic and a water lily. The enemies here cast water damage, so equip accessories that protect against such damages. Go through the right path. Here you’ll find two herbs, mid tonic and a tonic. Go back and proceed north. Here you will come across your first glyph puzzle. Read the instructions on the pillar. Simply sail over the black glyphs and end up on the white one. The passage will get unblocked. Before you leave this area collect a tonic, four herbs and a life potion and move on. The following area yields water lily, two herbs and two tonics. Move to the right passage. You will find it blocked by stones.

There is a secret passage hidden two spaces below the lower stone. Enter it, go right and then down to a new area. Here you will find water lily, three herbs and two tonics. To solve the glyph puzzle

1) First sail on the outer three black glyphs approaching from the outer side as shown in the screen shot.

2) Follow the arrow direction in the screen shot to complete the puzzle.

Move down to the next screen. Collect 750 gp and a water lily and go to your right. This area would yield tonic, herb and water lily. The chest has Gaia armor. Go back to the beginning of the secret passage and exit to your left. Now kill the foe guarding the path to your right and move to the next area. This area has herb, two water lilies, tonic and ether. You will also find the revive spell and rubber ring from the chest. Go back one screen right and head up. Retrieve tonic, four herbs and remedy before solving the glyph puzzle. Follow the arrow directions in the screen shot to solve it.

Follow the now unblocked path. The next area has three herbs, life potion and tonic. The chest has flower rod. Move on to the next area. Here you will find tonic, remedy, five herbs and water lily. Solve the glyph puzzle as shown by the arrow directions in the screenshot.

Go to the next area. It has tonic, two water lilies, two herbs and remedy. The chest has Gaia shield. Move on to the next area. Here you will find tonic, ether, water lily and herb. The upper path leads to the hall of treasure; we will come back here later. Follow the southern route. The next region has a glyph puzzle. To solve it follow the arrow directions in the screen shot.

The following area has nothing but a smoke guarding the path. Kill it and move on. The next area has a boss waiting for you. Before you fight it collect two tonics, herb and mid tonic and the Gaia helmet from the chest of that area. Return to the hall of treasures to get life potion, two tonics, tent, water lily, bonus xp and bolt omni spell. Return to the boss, heal up and save. Now confront the Lamia EX. Kill it and exit blue lagoon.

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