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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 05 Turtle Hunting

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.


After the event climb to the top of Eden tower. Enjoy the story as it unfolds itself. Climb down again and walk up a bit and more and events conversation follows. Visit Dogan’s house now. A set of stairs mysteriously has appeared out of nowhere. Climb down and move on. Save at the save point and carry on. You’ll have to fight again. This time you will be defeated. Watch the scene then after. You wake up again at Corine’s place. Visit the palace. The room to the left has 2000 gp. Then visit Dogan’s house. Exit and a brief conversation ensue. Move onto the beach/shore. A cute surprise is waiting for you. Board it and sail off. You will need the world map from now on. Refer it from time to time for finding out new locations. They are numbered and named neatly in the map (zoom in to enlarge the image).


Now since you can visit other places in the world map, its important that we have a clear geography of it. Refer the map for an overview. Elder has also named and numbered the landforms for ease of exploration. Visit the weapon shop and upgrade your weapons. You can also buy a couple of eyeball and paralysis rings. Our next destination is fairy wood (no. 8 in map). Drop on the island (shown in map) and walk down a bit and then turn left. You’ll discover a hot point. You will get power tab, defense tab, spirit tab, speed tab, life tab and magic tab. Refer the screenshot to find it.

Walk to your right and a bit up into the leafy shade (fairy wood). Read the conversation. Exit the area and head off to Tortoise Island (no.9 in map).


Enter the hut and register yourself for official turtle hunting. Please follow the in-game instructions and the conversation with Gideon thoroughly as I don’t intend to explain and spoil it. You will receive “hunting license 1” for future reference of your progress in turtle hunting. You can access it from your inventory. Go to the back of the room and read the books in the shelves, they will convey some interesting facts regarding turtles and their habitat. Talk to everyone you come across on this island as most of them will give you valuable items if you can catch them the types of turtle they are looking for. Talk to the guys inside the hut, save and exit the hut. Refer the chart to know the habitat of turtles for hunting them down(Y =available, N= not available). Remember apart from the day timings, the weather also influences the availability of turtles. Some turtles disappear when the weather changes and re-appear on the same spots when it is favorable. Similarly others disappear depending on dawn/dusk and reappear when it suits them. However the availability of the rare types does not depend on these factors. They appear when some particular condition is satisfied.

TURTLE HABITAT: day night rainy dry Under rock land water cave Grass turtle Y N N Y N Y N N Moist turtle Y Y Y N Y Y N N Moon turtle N Y N Y N Y Y N Water turtle Y Y Y Y N N Y N Cave turtle – – – – – Y – Y Stealth turtle Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y

It’s important that you do some turtle hunting from time to time and receive rewards both from Gideon and also from the other hunters. The items they give are really helpful in your main quest. And after acquiring new abilities you should come back and access new areas in Tortoise Island. Let us start with some turtle hunting. (Special thanks to Osisco and NigaiAmai Yume for the complete walkthrough of stealth turtles, I found the rest). I’m providing the screenshots of the places where you will find the turtles.

1 Stealth turtle, found inside Gideon’s shop.

2 Grass turtle, found in front of eena cave.

2 grass turtle, found near the man looking for 5 grass turtle.

1 moist turtle, found two screens left of the man mentioned in point 3.

1 stealth and 1 moon turtle, found near the girl looking for 5 moist turtle

1 moon turtle, found one screen right of bakku cave.

3 grass turtles, found one screen left of the man looking for 1 water turtle.

1 water turtle, found near the man looking for 1 water turtle. You need to hide behind the pillar so that the turtle comes to the shore.

1 moon turtle, found two screens left of the man in point 8.

1 stealth turtle, found in the small water puddle opposite to odele shore.

1 rainbow turtle, found in the circle of harmony. Use the fairy bell from the inventory to call the rainbow turtle in the circle of harmony (any time of the day, any weather).

1stealth and 1 moist turtle, found one screen down the man looking for 10 grass and 4 water turtle.

1 moon turtle, found near the same man as point 12.

1 moist turtle, found near the hooded man looking for 5 moon turtles.

1 moist turtle, found one screen left of the man in point 7.

1 moist turtle, found one screen right of bakku cave.

1 moist turtle, found on the isolated island one screen up the man looking for 15 grass turtles and 10 moon turtles.

1 moist turtle, found one screen up the main entrance of Tortoise Island.

1 grass turtle, found on the island opposite to the man in point 12.

I moon turtle, found two screens down the man of point 12.

2 grass turtles, found one screen down of the man of point 12.

2 grass turtles, found one screen left of the man looking for 5 grass turtles.

1 moon turtle, found at the same place as point 17.

By this time you would have acquired the title of novice hunter (refer hunting license 1 in your inventory).

Go to Gideon to collect your reward- master ring, and then continue hunting again. When you are done with hunting of the turtles of this area then talk to your fellow hunters and give them if you have what they want

  • The man looking for 1 water turtle will give a frog mask.
  • The man looking for 5 moon turtles will give 1 mole mask, 3 mid-ether and 2 elixirs.
  • The girl looking for 5 moist turtles will give 4 ethers and 2 elixirs.
  • The man looking for 5 grass turtles will give a bird mask, 10 mid-tonics and 2 elixirs.

Time to leave Tortoise Island. Go back to Joelle and give her what she had asked from you. You need to go to Gaia temple which is accessible by crossing blue lagoon. Now visit blue lagoon.

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