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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 04 Jericcho Tomb

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

You will find your way back on the world map. Walk towards the structure that looks like an eagle statue. That is where we are heading for. Enter the place, save and move forward. Follow the dialogues. Exit and go to your left into Jericcho’s tomb.

Jericcho Tomb

You will reach the first floor of Jericcho’s tomb. Talk to the ghost like man, he is a merchant. Buy and sell whatever you like but remember, don’t sell iron nuggets or onyx. You will need them later. The corridor yields tent, two tonics, three bones, remedy and two iron nuggets. Enter the area to your left. Here you will find tonic and remedy. Go up north. Retrieve tonic, bone and ‘water’ spell from this small room. Go back and head left. This room has a simple pillar puzzle. Push the pillar three spaces to your left on the star and the door will open. The next corridor has three bones, two tonics, two iron nuggets and remedy. The room to the lower left has a bone and a battling tactic. The room to your lower right has a pillar puzzle. To solve it

  1. Stand on the star and push the rock on your left to the left.
  2. Stand where the rock was and move the rock just below you by one space down.
  3. Stand on the star and push the rock on your right to the right.
  4. Go around and stand below the rock which is located below the star. Push the rock up one space and then right one space.
  5. Push the pillar up by one space, right by two spaces and then up by one space. The gate is unblocked.

The next room has a switch that unlocks all red switches in the dungeon. After you pull it access the chest to get soul staff. Head back by two screens and go through the upper right path of the corridor. This area has remedy, bone, iron nugget and tonic. Move further to your right to get bone and life potion. Head up the stairs. You can retrieve bone and tonic from this area. Go onto the next screen. Get the iron nugget, tonic and bone and move on. The corridor will give you life potion, four tonics, two life tabs, remedy and ether. The next area has bone and tonic. While moving on to the next screen, follow the dialogues between the characters. The enemies in the next corridor casts pretty strong magical damage so use the battling skills wisely. You will find bone and three tonics. Now head south. Get the onyx in the room and sentry spear from the chest. Now stand in front of the lower right side of the wall in this room and press the action button/enter. You will be carried through a secret path to an isolated room.

Open the chest to find a grand sword. Go back to the corridor, go up and then to your right. You will find tonic and bone here. Move up via the north path. Get the tonic and iron nugget and then open the chest. Head back and go to your right. This area has bone and tonic. From here enter the southern room. This room has buttons of all colors. Remember it as ‘color button room’ since we would require to come back here later. Retrieve iron nugget, life potion and tonic from here. Press the switch on your left. All the green switches will be deactivated. Go back and follow the north passage. You can only get the items from here and fight the foes but can’t get forward for now. We will come back here later. Get the bone and tonic and exit.

Return to the entrance of the tomb and head to the upper right path now. Pick up the two tonics and bone. Move to your right and follow the conversation. The next room has pillar puzzle. To solve this

  1. Move the rock just beside the star down.
  2. Move the left most rock (lets name it rock 1) on the top row by one space down.
  3. Push the rock, located beside the previous position of rock 1, two spaces to your left.
  4. Move rock 1 up.
  5. Now stand in the position shown in the screen shot. Move the rock on your left to the left.
  6. Push up the two rocks side by side just above you by one space. The path is almost clear.
  7. Now push the pillar up by one space. Move the single rock blocking the path to the right by two spaces. Push the pillar down by one space. Back to its original position.
  8. The pillar now has a column of three rocks behind it. Move the upper rock of that row to the left. Similarly push the lower rock of that row to the left.
  9. Push the middle rock up by one space. Now move the pillar on the star. The gate is unlocked.

Collect the two bones, iron nugget, two tonics and ether in the corridor. Go through the lower right path. You will find a tonic and “bolt” spell. Move to the upper left room. Here is another pillar puzzle. To solve it

  1. Move the left most rock in the middle row one space down.
  2. Push the right most rock in the middle row two spaces left.
  3. Move the right most rock in the top row one space down.
  4. Push the solitary rock in the top row to one space left.
  5. Move the third rock in the last/bottom row up by two spaces.
  6. Push the right most rock in the middle row to your right.
  7. Move the rock to the left of the pillar two spaces up.
  8. Push the rock in front of the pillar (cannot be seen as it is guarded by the pillar) one space left.
  9. Stand in front of the pillar and push the rock just above you one space up.
  10. 1Move the pillar up one space.
  11. Move the second rock from the left in the top row one space down.
  12. Push the leftmost rock in the top row to the left.
  13. Move the rightmost rock in the middle row up.
  14. Push the leftmost rock of the bottom row up.
  15. Move the leftmost rock in the bottom row one space right.
  16. Push each of the two rocks in the bottom row up.
  17. Push the rock to your leftmost side in the top row one space right.
  18. Push the leftmost rock in the middle row up.
  19. Move the pillar four spaces left and then one space up. The gate is unlocked.

The next room has tonic. Move on. The stair room also has a tonic and a bone. Go up the stairs. The next area has iron nugget and tonic. Proceed to your right. The area has remedy, silence ring and tonic. On progressing further right the characters will talk amongst each other. The next corridor yields life potion, two bones, two tonics, remedy and iron nugget. The upper right room is the hall of treasures. You will get tonic, bone from the room and battler ring from the chest. The other two have bonus xp. The lower path leads to the area guarded by the blue switches. Follow the lower left path onto the next area. You will find tent and bone. Save and continue walking north. You will come across another pillar puzzle.

To solve it:

Since the rocks are scattered and it’s difficult to describe their position therefore I took resort to diagrammatic representation. The first screenshot shows the directions with red and pink arrows as to which rock shall go where.

The second screenshot shows rocks arranged in place. The yellow arrow shows
the movement of the pillar. The gate is unlocked.

Enter the room of the blue switch and press the switch. Watch the event that follows. Search all the corners in the room that you find yourself in. Follow the next event carefully. Open the chest to develop a new ability- the ability to jump over short gaps and on platforms!

Congratulations, this is the first ability that you’ve mastered. Now jump over the holes to get out of this place.

Now you can access chests and other items separated by gaps. After you exit the place you will find yourself transported to one of the corridors we’ve explored. Walk to the lower left room of this corridor. You will reach the hall of treasures which was previously inaccessible. Now you can jump to get your rewards-ether, bonus xp and silence spell. Follow the upper left path of the corridor and move on till you find a chest on an isolated platform; jump on it to get a druid robe. Move on and climb the stairs. Continue walking till you reach the corridor. Walk south and you will reach the room guarded by blue switches. Since the switches are deactivated you can move to your right over the hole to the next area. The room is full of yellow switches guarding some chests. Remember this room and let’s name it “yellow room” for future reference. When the yellow switches will also get deactivated then we can come back here. Get back one screen and go south. Access the spell on the platform by jumping on it. Follow the left path out of this room. Walk through the passage onto the following corridor. There is a chest on the left side of the corridor. It will give you the golden key and the corner will provide an onyx. Return to the entrance of Jericcho’s tomb. Now before we go on further its time to follow up the things that we had left behind. We will return here then after.

Exit jericcho’s tomb and follow the world map route to Mt Zachariah. Take the short cut and reach our darker Eden. Visit the house where we were supposed to collect our “knight kit”. Give 30 iron nuggets and 10 onyx to the creature and you will receivedefender, chain mail and escutcheon (increases evasion rates). Now you can sell off the remaining iron nuggets and onyx if you want along with the other trading items! Then visit the cave beside the onyx cave. You will find two life potions along with the “bolt ||” spell on the platform. Return to the entrance of jericcho’s tomb.

Follow the left path in the first floor corridor and move on till you reach the next corridor. Go through the upper left path. Here you will require the golden key to open the gate. The room has ether and iron nuggets along with the switch to the yellow buttons. Press it and collect the 100 gp and 150 gp. Move onto the second floor to the yellow room. You’ll find a gold shield and gold helmet. Return to the ‘color button room’. Step on the blue button and press the action/enter. You will discover a Hotpoint. It will give lapis, bomb, power tab, defense tab and speed tab. Time to move on to the third floor. The stairs to the third floor is located near the stairs where you climbed up to the second floor. The following area will yield tonic and bone. In the next area also you will find bone and tonic. Read the conversation while you proceed to the next area. The corridor has tonic, three iron nuggets, bones and tonic. The following room has four tonics, tent and a life potion. Heal up and save. Fight the boss and explore the area for two tonics and a lapis before jumping into the chasm. The chasm will lead you to an isolated chest. Open it to get a haste ring. Jump down further. Explore the new area and collect three tonics, two iron nuggets, onyx, power tab and defense tab. You can use the tabs now and then move on. Follow the conversation and observe the events. You will be called for an unexpected fight, but don’t worry the full party is healed automatically before you do it. Watch the events and follow onto the next cut scene.

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