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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 03 Mt. Zachariah

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

You will again find yourself in the world map. Follow the path and another bit of chatting will ensue. You will see a ‘darker’ version of Eden tower. Walk into the first house beside it and retrieve two tonics, ether, remedy and life potion. Walk further into the area and the characters will start commenting. Go left and down where Noah’s house was. The creature will ask you that if you give it 30 iron nuggets and 10 onyxes, he will give you a “knight kit”. This room has a guard ring and tonic. Set out and buy 1 bread and 6 dissolvent from the item shop. You will need it later. You can buy armors from the weapon shop. Enter the house beside the weapon shop. You will get ether and tonic. Enter the palace. Watch the conversation and events that follow. Pick the pupil ring from the throne, life potion from a corner and save. Go out and head through the path up north. You will reach the base of a mountain range. Enter it.


A brief conversation will follow after you enter the mountain-zachariah. The area has tonic and iron nugget. Move onto the right side. Here you find tonic, two iron nuggets, devil grass and bone. Go up north and watch the characters talk. The scribbling on the wall gives you tips on fighting the common foes. The area yields two tonics, iron nugget, bone, three devil grasses and a remedy. Go up north and then right. You will find a mountain pole in the chest. The area gives you a tent. Go south. Here you will get bone, tonic, life potion, onyx and iron nugget. Push the pillar and watch where it descends. Go back by one screen. Enter the first cave. You will find a tonic and iron armor from the chest. Pull the switch beside the chest and a secret path will be unblocked (refer the arrow in the screenshot).

Retrieve the poison spell, onyx, bomb and iron helmet from the chest. Step out of the cave, go up and save at the save point. Enter the cave beside it. The first area yields tonic, remedy and iron nugget. Walk into the next area. Here you will find tonic, iron nugget and a mithrill tunic from the chest. Head to the path on the left first. Pick up tonic, iron nugget and remedy. Head south and follow the chit-chat. The next area has elixir and a device with no lever. We will have to find the lever. Return to the area where you found mithrill tunic. Head north. Here you are given a new kind of puzzle. Read the instructions on the wall as to how to play it. As I had mentioned earlier, pressing the shift key to increase the speed of the walking character is extremely important, especially here. The shortest cut to the center of the maze is shown in the screenshots below.

The red line shows the direction you should proceed. You get the ‘heal’ spell when you complete this puzzle. Head back to the entrance of Mt Zachariah. Follow the right path and then go to your right side this time. This area will yield bone, two tonics, iron nugget and remedy. Go north and you will see the pillar that you had pushed down. Simply push the pillar to your right by three spaces so that it stands on the blue star. The gate will open. Before you enter the gate collect bone, remedy and tonic from here. The next area has a lot of switches which controls the movements of the spikes. Turn the first switch to unblock your way to the north passage. The following scene is a puzzle of a different kind. Read the instructions on the wall. For convenience I have numbered the switches and the blue ‘stars’. Refer the screenshot.

To solve it:

  1. Press switch 1 first and walk up to switch 2.
  2. Press switch 2 and using the upper arrow path go near switch 3.
  3. Press switch 3 and walk onto the space just above the black ball. Push the black ball down by one space and then right onto star 3.
  4. Now push the black ball first left and then up till it reaches the spikes guarding star 1. Press switch 3. Let’s name this position of the ball as “position 1” for easier reference.
  5. Push the black ball on star 1. Then push the black ball again to “position 1”.
  6. Push the ball to your left to star 2. The gate unlocks. The small room has tonic and the lever switch in the chest.

Again go back to the entrance of mount Zachariah and head left this time. The following region has devil grass, two tonics, two remedies and life potion. The next area gives two tonics, iron nugget and devil grass. Move on to the next screen. You will find two chest containing iron shield and feather hat. The door leads to the hall of treasure. Apart from the chests you’ll find tonic and tent. The middle chest gives you sylph bow and the other two bonus xp. Heal up and save and go to the area where the lever switch was missing. Place the lever and pull the switch.

Refer the screenshot to find a hidden passage there.

Get the 500 gp from the isolated platform and exit. Go back by three screens and head left. Walk on to the bridge and open the chest. Equip the best armors and weapons and save. Cross the bridge. In the middle of the bridge you will encounter a boss-Garuda. Kill it and proceed further. Collect the spirit tab before exiting the area.

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