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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 21 Final Preparations

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Now its time to patch up the loose ends and complete the side quests. You’ll also need to refer the maps of both worlds frequently.

Let’s start by the following

  • Go to the inventor’s house (no.24 in world of light map). You will find an airship parked outside. Enter the house and pick up remedy, two ethers and two tonics. Talk to the man and he will speak of a missing component that is needed to use the ledzeplin (airship). For that, take your ship in front on the Gaza woods entrance and slide. Enter the cave, heal up and save. Move ahead. You will find the item we’ve been looking for. Fight the guardian to retrieve it. The kraken attacks the entire party with powerful damage. Slide and return to the inventor and give the eternal flame to him. See what he does. The airship is now ready to use and will open new avenues for us.
  • But wait, before we board the airship, lets use our good old boat for some venturing. Visit the island above the Gaia mouth. Slide and enter the cave. Open the chest to get slimsie antidote. Exit, slide back and go to the palace; give it to the poor king! He will give you 5 bravestones. Talk to the king again for some fun.
  • Sail to the islands beside Gaia mouth. Stand in front of the barrier of the island on the left of the Gaia Mouth and slide. Go near the mass of floating rock and slide again. You will find yourself inside the barrier guarding the cave. Enter in and open the chest to get Eden helmet (ultimate helmet). Similarly enter the cave on the right side of the Gaia mouth and retrieve Eden shield (ultimate shield).
  • Finally we can use our airship. Fly to the cave on the land guarded by mountains, just above the tortoise island. Enter it and break the pots to find three bravestones. Come out and board the ship.
  • Now if you head onto the desert area, you will find a peculiar looking creature wriggling. We have to access the creature’s heart from underground. Slide while being on airship and land on Midgar hole (no.21 in world of shadow map). Enter it and keep walking while killing the foes on your way. These areas have no hidden items. After you’ve killed all of them and reached the end platform, return to the hall of treasures and get the eden armor (ultimate armor). Return to the end platform, heal and slide. Defeat the Antibody that approaches suddenly. Watch the events and open the chest to get blackthorne revolver. Slide and return to the desert. Talk to Fierro’s family and they will reward you with seven bravestones.
  • Upgrade Fierro’s nunchaku.
  • Visit the endzone (no26 in world of light map) and slide. Go up the passage in space. A surprise is waiting for you. Watch the conversation and when its done talk to each character you find. They will give you pretty bonuses-eclipse=+5 attack, Kristen=+2 def, constantin=+3spi, mamachi=+200hp, sigil=+5 attk,+2 def, techlord=def+2, beeberman=10 full tonic (doesn’t shows in the inventory though), lucidTaint=+2def, nick shea=+200 hp,+5 attk, david=mp+50, sandgolem=+200hp,+5attk. Go up the middle path to find a note from someone special and a ring-blossomsoft. Exit and save.


Time to complete the bounty hunting expedition. Go to Gideon’s shop and unlock the last cabin. Kill the following creatures


Location: the floor with lava fountain of dark Eden tower. Accessible at Noah’s level 95.

Reward: 15 life tabs, 5 power tabs and 2 defense tabs

Battle tactic: nothing special.


Location: follow the western path from the vortex room in Gomorrah till the end.

Reward: fatal fury spell

Battle tactic: use holy rings as it casts mega death spell. Launches dangerous physical attacks. Josefine’s holy spell works wonders.

Great Sagrada trio:

Location: endzone (no26 in world of light map). You must have two sagrada crests.

Reward: sagrada shot spell

Battle tactic: killed them so fast that didn’t get to see what they do . One of them cast nasty shots. The powerful spells of our heroes should do the job.

Congrats you’ve completed the bounty hunting expedition. Gideon will reward you with adept ring.


Locate it as no.25 on world of light map. Use the airship to land on it. The entrance has a great tonic. Go up and collect great tonic, herb and life potion and move to your right. From there go up and pick up four herbs, mid ether, two magic fruits, limestone and great tonic on your way to north east. Find great tonic in that area and move up. Look for three herbs and magic fruit there. Carry on onto the next area (Area1 for reference) and take the western path first. Get magic fruit and three herbs and go down. The next area has great tonic. Move on. Retrieve great tonic in the following area and continue south. There you will find another great tonic. Return to Area1 and go up north. Gather great tonic and life potion and go west first. It’s the hall of treasures. Open the chest to get the rod of twilight (ultimate staff). Get back one screen, heal and proceed north. Try to pull out the sword and you will be called for a ‘test of skills’ (fighting lol). Confront Father and show him what you can. You will be gifted with the Eden sword (ultimate sword). Exit Mt Orisia.

Now equip your best gears and accessories, heal, buy or sell anything you feel important (I would suggest to buy a couple of great tonics) and save anywhere you feel like (there are many save points scattered all over the world). Prepare well for the ultimate fight. Slide to the world of shadows and locate Rishi floating just below Gideon’s shop. Use your airship to fly on it and fight the final battle. It’s going to be a long one. Vaghat will cast inferno, death, dark zone (full party) and single massive attack blows. After the fight watch the dialogues and start walking towards the palace first and then the beach. You’ll find a strange thing happening to everyone. Enter the palace and follow the conversation and events. Watch the happy ending!!!!


  • Squire ring: raises attack by 2.
  • Poison ring: prevents poison
  • Silence ring: prevents silence.
  • Sleep ring: prevents sleep
  • Fairy ring: prevents darkness, sleep and paralysis
  • Holy ring: prevents death.
  • Master ring: prevents all types of status ailments.
  • Battler ring: raises attack by 10.
  • Fighter ring: raises attack by 25.
  • Knight ring: raises attack by 50.
  • Adept ring: raises attack by 100.
  • Pupil ring: raises mind (spirit) by 2.
  • Wizard ring: raises mind by 10.
  • Mage ring: raises mind by 25.
  • Myrddin ring: raises mind by 50.
  • Warlock ring: raises mind by 100.
  • Guard ring: raises defense by 2.
  • Sentry ring: raises defense by 10.
  • Terrapin ring: raises defense by 25
  • Paladin ring: raises defense by 50.
  • Ragnarok ring: raises defense by 100.
  • Haste ring: raises agility by 2.
  • Dash ring: raises agility by 10.
  • Rapidus ring: raises agility by 25
  • Jaguar ring: raises agility by 50.
  • Fenrir ring: raises agility by 200.
  • Dodge ring: prevents critical hits from enemies.
  • Forfeit ring: reduces ring for better defense.
  • Fire guard: lower fire damages.
  • Frog mask: good protection against water attacks
  • Rubber ring: lower thunder damages.
  • Ice guard: lower ice damages.
  • Bird mask: lower wind damages.
  • Mole mask: lower earth damages.
  • Garlic necklace: lower effects of vampire bites
  • Omni guard: lower fire, ice, thunder and water damages.
  • Invisible cape: practically invisible to enemies.
  • EXP ring: doubles experience gain
  • Fairy tooth: prevents all status effects, only for fairies
  • Downey’s beret: memory of a great lost friend.
  • Regen ring: gradually recovers hp while walking or in battles.
  • Soul ring: halves MP cost.
  • Blossomsoft ring: doubles exp gain, half mp cost, auto hp recover.


  • 2 at Ifrit temple.
  • 3 from the house located on the upper right of Midgar hole.
  • 3 at the lone house located on the upper right side of the inventor’s house.
  • 5 from Efreet temple.
  • 5 at Gaza woods.
  • 2 from fake tomb.
  • 2 from temple of claimants.
  • 4 at palace in dark Eden.
  • 4 where you bounty hunt the dark lord (located at demolished velvet castle).
  • 5 at Gomorrah/ecclesia.
  • 5 from the king at the palace in Eden.
  • 3 at the land guarded by mountains, just above the tortoise island.
  • 7 from Fierro’s family after killing the desert creature.

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