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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 19 Sidequests

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.


Go to Gideon’s shop to release some more creatures with the crystal and bloody key.


Location: the place where you fought the boss Garuda in Mt Zachariah.

Rewards: 10 life tab and 3 power tab

Battle tactic: inflicts all party wind damage. Knocked him off using flare spell so can’t shed more light on what else he could cast .


Location: the place where you pushed the pillar down in Mt Zachariah.

Rewards: rock armor

Battle tactic: One dose of TNT is enough. It is resistant to all other attacks.


Location: the room with blue switch in Jericcho’s tomb.

Rewards: paladin ring

Battle tactic: calls drakonians for aid when it’s low in hp. Weak to poison. Attacks physically.

At this point return to Gideon as you would have attained a new rank by now. Don’t keep on fighting as it would raise your rank and you will miss the reward of the previous rank. He will reward you with invisible cape.

Pumpkin jacks:

Location: inside ‘fake tomb’, near velvet castle.

Rewards: fenrir ring

Battle tactic: immune to shockwave, weak to fire. Attacks physically mostly.

Dark lord:

Location: the place where velvet castle was.

Rewards: drain hp omni spell

Battle tactic: nothing special.


Location: entrance of gate #3 in world of shadows (no.15 in world of shadow map).

Rewards: holy ring

Battle tactic: if you fight normally and kill it, it will keep reviving itself. Either you need to kill its soul first or both together (by using the flare spell). Press the left/right arrow keys to target the soul during fight. Weak to poison, casts death spell to kill any ally at one go. Use the holy ring for this purpose.


Location: club erotic (no.20 in world of shadows map).

Rewards: caitsith cap

Battle tactic: make Jean wear sexy corset and enter club erotica. The creature will appear. It has 1hp, so you can imagine the fight.


Location: two screens before you enter hall of treasures in temple of claimants. Reward: odin slash spell

Battle tactic: has only 10 hp! No fun fighting at all. (The developer says it was a last minute release bug, which was never fixed but it should be epic in a future edition.)

Return to Gideon and claim your reward for the new rank you’ve gained by now. He will give you soul ring. Now time to head off for our main quest.

Go to Eden tower straight. Make Noah stand on the green star and pray. Go through the unlocked door. Follow the conversation. Get down the floors of Eden tower till you reach the floor with a waterfall. Refer screenshot.

Jump on the leaf and jump further ahead. They will get transported into a secret room. Use Noah’s prayer spell on the green star. Watch the event and head for Eden tower in the world of shadows. Enter the dark Eden tower and see what the characters have to say. Climb the floors and somewhere in the middle of the way you will be interrupted. Follow the instructions of the voice. And follow the conversation and events carefully, you will get to know the most crucial information. Follow the in-game instruction as well. Go to the beach. Watch the events. Fight when called for. When the entire narration is over, go to the eagle tower-the place where you first met Rishi.

Watch the conversation again. Step inside the whirling red vortex. You’ve reached the imprisoned city of Gomorrah. Note: you can always go back to the other world by entering this vortex.

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