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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 18 Temple of Claimants

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

The outer entrance of the temple has life tab || and mid-ether. Enter inside and pick up ether, two mid-tonics, mega tonic and diamond. Break the right pot to get 500gp. The enemies here cast ice damage, so use the ice guards. Save and move ahead. There you will find three mid-tonics and quartz. Let’s name this area as ‘floor 0’ for future reference. Go up north through the middle path.

Here you will find mega tonic and quartz. Now roll the snowball on your right two spaces up and four spaces right. Take the path to your right and slide and down the ice path. At the end of the ice path you will find two snowballs blocking the passage to ‘floor 0’. Move the snowball below you down by one space. Push the other one by two space to your left, two spaces up and then nine spaces left. Now you can use the left ice path in ‘floor 0’ to carry on to the western zone.

There the first area has three quartz, two mega tonics, one remedy and two mid-tonics. Move on to the next area. Here you will find remedy, quartz, mega tonic and life potion. Pass through the narrow upper right path. You will find yourself in an arrangement of rooms. Collect the elixir and agate from there and proceed. Open the chest in the following area to get crystal armor. Get onto the ice path and pick up quartz, three midtonics, ether and agate on your way to west and then down. The next room has crystal key and mega tonic. Now go back to ‘floor 0’ and watch the conversation on your way.

Again take your path to your right using the snowball and slide down. Turn right from the end of the ice path. The next area has two quartz, mega tonic and three mid-tonics. Keep moving and listen to what the characters have to say. Retrieve three mid-tonics, mega tonic, life potion, quartz and diamond from the following area. Go to your right as the top path is inaccessible due to the ice platforms. There you will get ether, two mega tonics, quartz, two mid-tonics and 500 gp from the broken pot. Go down first and slide over the ice to the right side. Break the pots to get two bravestones. Also collect two agates and mega tonic before going back to the previous screen. Enter the area to your right and pick up mid tonic, mega tonic and two quartzes. Use the crystal key to open the gate, break the pot to get 25 gp and move onwards. The next area has four mega tonics, two agates and mid tonic. Go up and the open the chest. Congrats you have mastered a new ability- ice walking.

Get back by two screens and go south. Walk on the ice to access the chest that you couldn’t get before to find crystal helmet. Get back to the previous room and go to your left. From there follow the northern route through the ice platforms. You will find another set of rooms. Collect four mid-tonics, remedy, mega tonic and 500 gp from the broken pot. Go up the path to retrieve two mega tonics, quartz and diamond from that room. Three of the pots have 500 gp, 500 gp and 25 gp in them. Get the purple gem from the chest and go down the stairs hidden by the middle pot. There you will find two mega tonics and two mid tonics. Save and move left. The next way zigzags to north. Pick up three quartzes, three mega tonics and crystal sword from the chest on your way. The next room is the hall of treasures. We will come back here later to collect our rewards.

Return to ‘floor 0’ and pick up the mega tonic on your way through the ice path. Go through the northern path again and take the western path from there (pick up mid tonic beside the ice path) and reach a small room with stairs. Gather two mid-tonics and mega tonic before going down. The area that you reach has a secret item. Refer the red arrow in the screenshot to find jaguar ring behind the icicle in the middle.

Then keep walking till you reach the pillar room. Push the pillar on the star and collect mega tonic and mid tonic on your way back to ‘floor 0’. Take the western path from there and keep walking till you reach the arrangement of rooms that you’ve visited earlier. Come back one screen back and take to your left through the ice platforms. Here you will find two mid tonics, diamond, quartz and mega tonic. Follow the path to your left. Gather three mid tonics, mega tonic and agate. Open the chest to get crystal shield and go down the stairs. Keep picking two mid tonics and a mega tonic on your way north. Collect quartz, remedy, diamond, mega tonic and raven shot spell before going east. This room zigzags to east. You will find two mega tonics, life potion, elixir, quartz and diamond. The chest has vulture/raven pistol. The next area is another pillar room. Move the pillar over the star and search for mid-tonic and mega tonic before leaving the place. Return to the arrangement of rooms on that area.

Go up and walk over the ice path into the middle room. Here you will find quartz, remedy and mega tonic. Proceed south and retrieve mid-ether, then go down the steps. Look for quartz, tent and mid tonic before entering the gate. Save and move ahead. The next room has a pillar puzzle. The only difference being that the floor is slippery and the pillar and the snow ball slide on it until it’s is blocked by the white stones. I have numbered the white stones for convenience.

To solve it

1) Push the snow ball to your right so that it slides and hits white stone2.

2) Move the pillar down, in front of white stone 1.

3) Push the pillar to your right so that it hits the snow ball.

4) Now move the pillar up so that it hits white stone 3.

5) Push it to your left over the star.

Move forth the unblocked door. Here you will find three mid tonics, mega tonic, quartz and ether. Proceed north and follow the conversation. There is another pillar puzzle waiting for you.

To solve it

1) Push snow ball 2 to your right and rests against whitestone4.

2) Move it down again so that it hits the pillar.

3) Push it (ball 2) to your left this time so that it hits white stone7.

4) Now move it up so that it rests between white stones 5 and 6.

5) Push snowball 1 up so that it hits white stone7.

6) Move the pillar to your left so that it hits ball1.

7) Push it up against ball2.

8) Push it to your right onto the star.

Head northwards through the door. Collect diamond and blue gem. Return to ‘floor0’. Follow the upper middle path from there and proceed further north this time. You will find yourself in a throne room. Pick up quartz, two mega tonics, remedy, diamond and the yellow gem from the chest. Kill the last foe here and return to the hall of treasures to collect your goodies. Return and insert the three gems in the empty slots. A new path unblocks. Go down it and pick up diamond on your way. Go ahead and watch the conversation. You will get a new skill; the game will give you tips on it. After it’s over, we now must return to the world map to test the new skill that you’ve seen.


Go back to the snow village and enter the deserted houses to get a surprise. Enter Gaza woods and we will use our ice walking ability to explore areas that we couldn’t access before.

Go to ‘area1’ and retrieve elixir from the region around the ice path. Proceed to your right and keep walking till you reach the zone with ice platforms. Walk over the platforms to the north while picking up agate, limestone and mega tonic on your way. The next area has mid-tonic, limestone, diamond and mega tonic. If you look carefully you will find a spot sparkling in front of the wall. Press the action button/enter on it to get sagrada crest ||.

Find Yanoka and get the fire || spell inside the fence. Take the path to your left from there. Go further left into the area with an ice path and extinguished fire. Make your way through the secret passage on your lower left (beside the white platform) of that screen. Retrieve an elixir from there and then discover another secret path over there. Refer the screenshot-

Collect 2 midtonics in that screen and go down through the left path. Keep walking, you’ll come across the Hall of Treasures (it has only XP boxes). Now return by two screens and go down. Follow the ice path to your left to enter an unexplored area. Break the right pot to get bravestone. The chest has wooden shield. There is a secret path beside the chest, refer the screenshot.

Go through that to the other side, run through another hidden passage and get bravestone from the pot. Proceed further to your left and open the chest to get fighter ring. Get back two screens and go south. Take to your right then. Proceed further east till you reach the area with ice paths blocking the way to the north. Walk over them towards the upper area. This area is also unexplored. Kill the solitary smoke and go to the left room first. You will find the revive omni spell. Then go to the right room. There break the pots to get a bravestone. There is nothing else in this forest. Return to the world map.

Look up the world map and locate three consecutive caves, two guarded by barriers (no.23). Enter the upper cave. Stand on the green star and use Noah’s newly learnt skillprayer. See what happens. We will refer the new passage as Gaia mouth (as in the world of light map). This passage will lead you to the world of shadows. From now on you can consult the world of shadows map for exploring new areas. See the map in the next page (zoom to enlarge).

Enter the Gaia mouth. Refer the world of shadow map and enter water passage (no.19). You will get transported to the other side. Explore dark Eden. Enter the palace and break the pots to either ways. The left room has two bravestones. The right room has defense tab || and two more bravestones. Visit the TNT store (no.17 in the map of world of shadows) and buy one. Buy some great tonics from the items shop there as it is quite rare to find. You can also buy the costly weapons from the weapon shop near efreet temple. Visit the place where velvet castle was- get the hp drain spell and break the pots to get four bravestones. You will find one of the bounty hunting creatures there. After you have done some bounty hunting you can return to the world of light to upgrade Fierro’s nunchaku.

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