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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 17 Sidequests

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.


Since we have attained night vision ability we should complete our final turtle hunting business. Visit the tortoise island and hunt in the caves this time. There is a hidden passage in eena cave near the hooded man from where you can get more turtles (refer screenshot).

You’ll find the remaining turtles as following

3 cave and 1stealth turtle, found in eena cave.

2 cave turtles, found one screen left of point 1.

6 cave turtles, found from the hidden passage in eena cave.

2 cave turtles and 1 stealth turtle, found in bakku cave.

2 cave turtles, found one screen left of point 4.

1 stealth turtle, found at the same place as point 5.

1 moon turtle, found at two screens down point 5.

1 stealth turtle, found at the same place as point 7.

2 grass turtles, found one screen up point 7.

At this point, go back to Gideon and get your reward (myrddin ring) coz if you complete catching all of them, you’ll get the highest rank and a separate reward for that.

Congrats, you have completed turtle hunting quest. Gideon will give you omniguard.

Collect your rewards from other hunters as well.

  • The man looking for 15 cave turtles will give 15 mega tonics, 8 mid-ethers and 2 elixirs.
  • The man looking for 10 stealth turtles will give rapidus ring and terrapin ring.
  • The man looking for 15 grass and 10 moon turtles will give ice guard, 3 elixir and megalixir.

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