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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 15 Sidequests

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.


Time to get some stuff from bounty hunting (I hope now are not wondering why did I tell you to enter the castle and leave instead of leaving earlier). Return to Gideon’s shop and unleash another creature using the icicle key.

Location: west region inside efreet temple.
Reward: inferno spell
Battle tactic: casts all-party inferno spell that can wipe out your members if the fire guard is not equipped. Defends and evades sometimes (i.e. avoids a hit from your party member and not evading the battleground), susceptible to defense down.

Location: Marse cave
Reward: bird mask
Battle tactic: make sure that you equip all the party members with confusion ring or master ring. Evades sometimes (i.e. avoids a hit from your party member and not evading the battleground).Otherwise the battle is easy.

Location: dead Gaia, one screen right of the sewer gate (which was unlocked by sewer key).
Reward: flare spell
Battle tactic: MUST be killed in five rounds (countdown 4-0). Or else it will cast a
inescapable fatal damage which will lead to the game over screen. You can also deplete its mana (MP) pool using the MP damage spell (so as to prevent it from casting the ultimate spell). Attacks physically dealing massive damage. Susceptible to defense down.

Location: eden cave (no.6 in world map)
Reward: 7 life tabs
Battle tactic: you can kill this creature in two ways-either obtain Judas’ kiss from the velvet castle or else you can use the flare spell. In fact any bow would wound it but since Judas kiss is the best so far, you can use it instead of using flare spell. It is resistant to all other attacks and casts blindness. So equip the characters with eye ring or master ring.

Location: straight three screens back from the exit of Gaza woods to the village.
Reward: 10 life tabs, 5 power tabs, 2 defense tabs
Battle tactic: attacks physically dealing massive damage. Weak to fire.
Gideon will reward you with exp ring as your party attains a new rank. Collect your booty from the crystals as well. Now let’s return to our main quest.

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