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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 14 Gaza Woods

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.



Here’s the map of Gaza woods, zoom to enlarge.

Time to explore a new village again. For that we have to travel through Gaza woods located in the Iceland. See the map for its location (no.19). Collect two mid-tonics and two agates at the entrance and enter it. See the characters talk. This area is very difficult to see due to the snowfall, observe carefully to look for the smokes. Be prepared for a lot of ice damages. Collect mid-tonic and agate, save and walk east first.

The next area has mid-tonic, limestone, ether and mega tonic and move on. Retrieve ether two agates mega tonic and carry on. The following area has mega tonic, life potion and get the polar shield from the chest. Return to the entrance and go west this time.

The first area has two mid-tonics. Here you will see ice platforms; you will slide forward if you step on it. We would later find a way to walk over it and access new areas. Proceed further west. In the next area get the bravestone from the broken pot. This is the first snow ball puzzle you will come across here.

Now, to access the chest:

  • move the first snow ball to your extreme left
  • Walk up and push the other snowball to your right.
  • Come back to the blank space where the first snowball was and slide up the ice path. Turn right to access the chest.

Head on to the next region. The following area has mega tonic and agate. Go north and watch the conversation.

This area has another snow ball puzzle. To solve it:

  • Follow the arrow direction in the screenshot to move Noah. Push the snowball down the black dotted path and rest it on the star marked spot. Break the pots to get 500 gp.
  • Now move back the snow ball to its original place. Move it to your left by three spaces.
  • Push the snow ball one space up, one space to your right and then one space down.
  • Move the snow ball to your right by five spaces. Go around push the snow ball one space to your left and go up to open the chest and retrieve halberd.

Move out to the northern zone. The next area has a secret path to its lower left. We will come back here later. Collect agate and move over the ice platforms to your right (the north path is inaccessible now).

Pick up the life potion and two mid-tonics and proceed east. See the characters talk. Get the bravestone from the pot and mega-tonic and go off for the side quest. You are given a quest to gather 5 fishes. So lets get it done fast. (Note that you cannot access the glowing red orb inside the fence now. we will see to this later).


Go to your right and you will come across your first color cube puzzle. I won’t repeat the instructions; you would find them in the game. This one is easy. Simply push the green cube one space left and then up. Then move the blue cube to your left by two spaces. Head through the unblocked gate onto the next puzzle. Here you have to act very fast (use the shift key) or else even if you complete the puzzle within four moves, you’ll find the scene getting reset.

  • Push the movable green cube up by one space.
  • Then push the blue cube on your left to the right by one space.
  • Quickly run around and move the green cube down by one space.
  • Move quickly and push that cube to the right.

Move ahead through the unlocked gate. Collect ether, mid-tonic, mega tonic and limestone before proceeding to your left. The next area has ether, mid-tonic and agate. Open the chest to get cotton robe. Go south and pick up two mid-tonics, mega tonic, agate. To the lower right of this screen is a red chest hidden by the tress. Open it to get fish. The path towards south will lead to Yanoka which we don’t need go for now.

Go left and gather two mid-tonics, two ethers and diamond, fish from the chest and follow a hidden passage to your left. Refer screenshot.

Retrieve mega tonic, mid-tonic and ether and open the chest to get white blade. The path to the south is the other side of a blocked passage. Push the snow ball over the fire to unblock the path, pick up agate and return back by four screens. Now take the right path. This area has mid-tonic and agate and move to your right. Retrieve ether, mega tonic and two mid-tonics and Pegasus bow from the chest. Follow the conversation on your way to right. Gather two mid-tonics, mega tonic, limestone and polar helmet from the chest. Go down and pick up mega tonic and agate and get ice guard from the chest. Proceed south and get two mid-tonics and mega tonic and remember this area as “area1”. We need to get back here later. Follow the eastern path. This area has mid-tonic, two agates, mega tonic and life potion. Walk through the eastern passage to collect limestone, agate and two mid-tonics in that area. Go north and collect another fish and winter cap from the chests and agate. The upper left area of that place is inaccessible for now.

Return to “area1” and go south. Pick up mega tonic, mid-ether, mid-tonic and agate and follow the lower route. Get the fish and roll over the snowballs onto the fire to unblock this route. Get back to “area1” and go through the passage on your left hidden by the trees. Refer screenshot.

Here you’ll see another color cube puzzle.

To solve it

1) Push the leftmost blue cube down by one space.

2) Move the snowball to your right by one space.

3) Push the upper green cube down.

4) Move the right blue cube to the left. The next area has agate and two mid-tonics. The following room has fish and two mid tonics. Return to Yanoka and give the fishes to her. She will give you ‘shiny treasure’ to pass through the Gaza woods. Save and return to ‘area1”. Go down one screen from “area1” and take your left. This area has clear visibility, so you can easily pick up ether, mega tonic and agate and move on. The next room has a color cube puzzle.

To solve it

  • Move the topmost snowball to your right by one space.
  • Push the green cube down.
  • Now move the lower snowball one space down.
  • Push the right most blue cube to your left. The following area has another color cube puzzle. I’ve numbered the snowballs for convenience.

To solve it

  • Move ball5 down by one space. The path to the blue cube is unblocked.
  • Push this blue cube one space to your left.
  • Move ball6 down by one space.
  • Push the left green cube to the right.
  • Now move ball2 down by one space.
  • Push ball1 by one space to your right.
  • Move the lower blue cube up.

Pick up three mid-tonics, limestone and two agates and go north. Slide over the ice platforms and roll the snow ball over the fire before heading further north. Unlock the gate, heal up and save. Equip the ice-guards if you haven’t already. Also use the sleep rings. Move onto the next screen. You will be attacked by the snow dragon. Kill it and collect ether and mid-tonic and save again if you want and move on. Watch the conversation and the events that follow.

You will wake up in Reinade’s home. Get down from the bed and search the room for tent and climb down the stairs. Look for another tent downstairs and move out. Enter the first house to retrieve life potion, ether, tent, two mega tonics and remedy. See what Noah has to say. Move out and enter the next house a bit up and to the left of the item shop. Get two remedies, power tab, ether and two mega tonics. Here too Noah will pass a comment. Enter the house beside it and pick up spirit tab, two mega tonics, defense tab and tent and get back to Reinade’s house. Watch the conversation carefully. Set out and buy things from the items or weapons shop. You will notice that you can’t sell the items. Also don’t forget to buy the sexy corset (increases evasion rates) for Jean and three confusion rings as it would be useful for two of out side quests. You can also buy the master rings instead of confusion rings if you can afford it. Walk to your west and enter Gate #3 (no.21 in the world map). Enter it and get transported to another world. Here walk all your way to the east. A little below the velvet castle (no.16 in world map) you will notice a tomb hiding a staircase.

Push up the tomb and go down the stairs. Break the pots to get two bravestones. Remember this tomb as “fake tomb”; we will need to come back here later. Enter the velvet castle and walk through the upper path. Follow the conversation. Now before we go ahead exploring this dungeon we need to go back and complete some errands. Return to the desert region and upgrade Fierro’s nunchaku.

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