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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 11 Ifrit Temple

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Here’s the full map of Ifrit temple (zoom to get full view).

Collect the tonic along your way in. The enemies’ here cast fire damage so equip your party accordingly. Pick up the tonic and carbon and move to your right. Pick up two carbons and three tonics and follow the northern path. This room has a pillar puzzle. Retrieve the tonic, carbon and mid-tonic and solve the puzzle in the following way.

  1. Move the top rock to your right.
  2. Now push the lower rock down by two spaces and right by one space.
  3. Follow the arrow direction in the screenshot to move the pillar to the star mark.

The next room has two tonics and ether. Move on to the path on the right. There find three tonics, two carbons and mid-tonic. Go down the stairs to retrieve cure omni and blind smoke. Climb up and go to your right. This room has a rock puzzle. I have numbered the rocks for convenience.

To solve the puzzle

  1. Move rock 4 one space to your right.
  2. Move rock 1 one space up.
  3. Push rock 2 one space to the right.
  4. Move rock 3 two spaces down. Jump onto the next platform.
  5. Push rock 5 one space to your left.
  6. Move rock 7 two spaces down.
  7. Push 9 one space down.
  8. Move 10 one space to your left.

Go through the unblocked path. There is nothing here except for two smokes. Move on towards south. Enter the switch room to collect a tonic and press the switch. While going back see the characters talk. The left path is blocked by pots. Go to your right.

Pick up the tonic and move to your right. There is a switch without the lever. We will come back here later. Return to the entrance and go to your left. Gather two carbons and two tonics before moving ahead. The next room has another pillar puzzle. Refer the screenshot for the numbered rocks.

To solve

  1. Move rocks 5 and 7 one space to your right.
  2. Push rocks 4 and 8 down by a space.
  3. Move rocks 2 and 3 two spaces up.
  4. Push rock 1 down by two spaces, then right by three spaces and then up by two spaces (use the platform extensions to jump to and fro and move it around).
  5. Move the pillar to your right by one space, down by two spaces, right by four spaces, up by one space, right by three spaces and then up by two spaces.

Go through the unlocked door. The area has mid-tonic, two carbons and ether. Move to your left. This region has four life tabs. Move on. Pick up the mid-tonic, carbon and tonic. Go down and proceed further south from there. Gather the mid-tonic and press the green switch. Watch the conversation while going back one screen. Proceed west and then down the stairs. Retrieve the ether and mid-tonic. Don’t go down the stairs as it is blocked by a pot, we will return here later. Go through the left path. Pick up carbon, mid-tonic and ether. The next room has carbon and the lever switch. Return to the room with the missing-lever device and set the lever in it. Push the pillar over the arrow beside the device and press the lever. Move ahead and see the conversation.

Collect three tonics, two mid-tonics and tent, heal and save before moving ahead. Carry on and face the mini-boss before opening the chest. The mini-boss attacks physically and deals massive damage, but is susceptible to blindness. Collect the ether and open the chest. Congrats, you have mastered pot breaking ability. Break the pot to the left, down the steps, and open the chest to get fire guard. Go back three screens and break the pots on your way (they have nothing in them lol). Go left this time. Retrieve two carbons, two tonics and ether break the pots and go down the stairs. Save and fight another mini boss. It deals all-party fire damage so accessorize accordingly. Move ahead and pick up midether, mid-tonic and carbon and press the blue switch. Collect elixir and mid-tonic and open the chest to get adamant vest.

Go back the screen where you have two pots guarding two stairs and one solitary pot on an isolated platform. Break the lone pot to get bravestone. Break the right pot and go down the stairs to get ice omni spell. Similarly break the left pot to get ice ||. Go back to the entrance of Ifrit temple and break the pots and get the minerva gown from the chest. Go one screen right and break the pot to get a bravestone. Go back to the place where you got 4 life tabs. Two screens left to that is a path that unblocks to the right. Follow it and collect tonic, ether, mid-tonic and life potion on your way to further right. The next room has life potion and the magma key.

Go back two screens, up one screen, right by two screens and then go up. Watch the conversation and keep moving north till you find a gate blocking the way. You can open it with the magma key. But before that, follow the left path first. Collect two tonics; break the pots to get 100 gp and 200 gp respectively and move on. The next area has carbon, remedy and mid-tonic. The chest room has tonic. The chest has Minerva cap. Go back to the gate and then take to your right. Pick up two tonics, break the pots to get 150 gp, 200 gp and 200 gp respectively and carry on. Pick up mid-ether, mid-tonic and carbon and go up. Fight the mini boss you’ve come across before, open the chests to get adamant shield and adamant helmet.

Before you go ahead through the gate go back to the area where you got the lever switch. Two screens right of that place has stairs going down. Go down and break the pot to enter the room. It’s the hall of treasures. Get back to the gate, get the ice omni spell (for those who couldn’t collect it before), heal up and save. Equip the fire guards on your character. Go up north and watch the event. Face the twin boss-Ifrit and Jinn. Keep hacking these two and when they have low hp, use Jean’s omni spell or Noah’s shockwave to wipe off both at the same time. If you kill them individually the other will revive its partner.

Exit ifrit cave. Go up the passage in the desert that leads to the other side and show the orb to the man. He will let you pass. Go to the house on the upper right. Consult the chart in the shop to see how many bravestones are required to upgrade the nunchaku to higher levels. Exit and go to Gate #2 (marked no.18 in the world map). Watch the events and go back to ifrit temple and report to the king and queen. Return to the gate and enter. Follow the conversation and come outside the place. Visit the weapons shop, there are only two weapons for sale and they are very costly, but also very powerful. Come back when you have enough money to buy them. Now instead of going to the temple first, visit the house above the weapon shop. Observe the conversation and exit to the efreet temple. Unlock the gate and save. Now instead of going inside the efreet temple, exit and go to the house to the north-east. Break the pots to get three bravestones and 250gp. After that, return to the world of light through the gate. Visit the blacksmith’s shop (no. 17 in world map) to upgrade Fierro’s nunchaku. Then exit the desert region. We have some errands to finish before we move on.

Visit the lone house in the world map located a bit on the upper left of inventor’s house (no. 24). This house is not numbered in the map. Enter it and break the pot. Go down the stairs. Open the chest to get an ice guard. Break the pots to get three bravestones.

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