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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 10 Star Tropics

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Time to move onto Star Tropics. You will find it in the world map as no. 13. On entering you will see a deserted area with a green star mark on the ground. Make your character stand on the latter and use the weather song spell from Joelle’s skill set. Watch the transformation. Swim across and pick up cherry and move to the path to your right. This area has three tonics and two cherries. The next area has three cherries, seashell and two tonics. Carry on to the successive region.

Here find two cherries and three tonics. Go south and pull the switch to deactivate the red switches. Get back two screens and save.

Get into the water from the shore. The next water body has two oysters and two tonics. The phoenix fish foes are difficult to hurt physically, they keep evading. Use Jeans spells on them. The following water area has tonic and two oysters. Stand on the star mark and use Joelle’s weather song. The transformed area has mystic wand (chest), two seashells, tonic, life potion and mid-tonic. The next area has remedy, two seashells, two tonics, limestone and ether. Move on to find a pillar puzzle. First collect the mid-tonic from this area before attempting it. To solve

  1. Move the white and yellow pillars to the squares matching their colors.
  2. Push the red pillar down two spaces.
  3. Move the blue pillar one space left and down by two spaces.
  4. Push the blue pillar to your right by 9 spaces and down by two spaces.
  5. Move the red pillar up by two spaces and then right onto the red square.

Get back to the green star and use the weather song. Go back to the area with the save point and shore. Go to your right and then down. Jump over the tiles to explore the new area.

The first water body has two oysters and two tonics. Move onto to your right. Pick up life potion and tonic. Go south and collect ether and two oysters. Walk to the right path. Get the tonic and mid-tonic along with the chests. Get back one screen and go down. Here you will find the water bubbling suddenly and disappearing at the next instance. Refer screenshot.

Swim to it and press the action button/enter when you see the bubbles. You will be transported through a secret path to the chest. Retrieve the tropic key, get back to the other end and proceed left of this screen. Pick up the mid-tonic, oyster and tonic before singing the weather song on the star. Retrieve seashell, two tonics, remedy and ys helmet from the chest in the new area. The following zone has seashell and two tonics. Head northwards from here.

Get the two tonics and seashell and move to your left. Pick up two tonics and seashell and press the green switch. Head back one screen and proceed north. The pillar puzzle is easy-simple push them over the squares corresponding to their color. Get back to the star and use the weather song. Go back to the area with shore and proceed north this time.

This area has two tonics and life potion. Go north first to get the chest. Come back and go to your right. This area has two oysters, tonic and mid-tonic. The next water body has two oysters and two tonics. Use the weather song and collect remedy, two tonics and seashell from the new area. Proceed northwards to pick up two seashells and two tonics and proceed to the eastern route. Gather the seashell, two tonics and ether and ys armor from the chest. Go back and walk towards north. Get the mid-tonic, tonic and dash ring and press the blue switch. Go back by two screens and head west this time.

Pick up two tonics, life potion and seashell and proceed to your left. Collect the life potion, seashell, two tonics and remedy and miracle staff from the chest. Head south and retrieve two remedies, three tonics, two seashells, mid-tonic and mid-ether before going east. The next area has an easy pillar puzzle. Solve it and return to the green star. Use the weather song and return to the shore. Walk back three screens to the area with a shore and save point. Swim through that water and change the weather from the green star platform. Walk to your right in the changed area and then go down. Pick up eight seashells and three rubies. You’ll find a sparkling thing in the center of that screen, it’s the sagrada crest(1st part). Return to the shore after making Joelle sing the weather song. Walk two screens to your right and pick up seashell, life potion, tonic, two cherries and mid tonic. Open the gate using the tropic key and swim through the channel till you reach the end. Retrieve the mp damage spell and return to the entrance of the channel. Walk back one screen and go down. Keep moving till you reach the shore. Go east and from there proceed north through the unblocked path. Collect two tonics and oyster on your way to further north. The cave has the hall of treasures. Get your treasures and midtonic and mid-ether and get back to the save point to heal up and save. After that proceed to east to face the boss. Before that don’t forget to collect two tonics and two oysters on your way to it. Wear accessories that lower water damage. Fight the octopus and move on.

Watch the events that unfold and follow the conversation. Collect two cherries before you move on. Congratulation, you have reached a new village. You can talk with the inmates, buy/sell items or rest at the inn. Move ahead and you will find yourself in a desert passage. Save and walk ahead. Watch the events and act accordingly. Upgrade your weapons from the weapon shop. Enter the house beside the weapons shop. Follow the conversation. Now we need to visit the ifrit temple in the volcanic mountain which is just beside the northern passage.

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