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Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 13 Efreet Temple

This tutorial was crafted by the dedicated fan, OverCloud9.

Here is the Efreet temple map. Zoom to enlarge.

Now go back to efreet temple. Make sure you have equipped your party with fire guards. Some of the foes also cast paralysis. Get the mercury staff from the chest at the entrance. The room to the right is the hall of treasures and we will get back here later. Go north through the door. Save at the save point and go down the stairs.

Proceed south till you reach a yellow star. Pick up the mid-tonic and onyx. Then stand on the star. The screen will flash yellow and you will notice a yellow halo outlining Noah. This would allow your party to activate the yellow colored moving platforms. But platforms of other colors will not respond. To use them you have to dip your party in that particular color using these stars. There are three different colors of stars in this dungeon for that purpose. Let’s go back near the stairs now. Get on the yellow platform to your right. Get the chest in the next room by standing on the yellow platform. However you won’t be able to reach out to the chest accessible by the blue platform (you need to have blue halo). The north area is also not accessible for the same reason. Follow the right path and see the characters talk. Collect mid-tonic, life potion and black rock along with the three bravestones from the broken pots. The next area has mid-tonic and two carbons. Go to your right and pick up onyx, life potion, carbon and mid-tonic. Move the next area.

This area has a white platform which is neutral to all colors and can be used with any color on. Also, from which direction you come from affects its motion. For example, if you walked on it from south to north direction then it will travel northwards and vice versa. The same applies for east and west directions. Use it to get transported to various platforms and collect remedy, mid-tonic and bravestone from the broken pot. Head northwards onto the next region.

You will find mid-tonic, ether, black rock and tent there. Heal, save and move onto the following region. You will have to fight a mini-boss. It’s not that difficult at this level. Walk onto the blue star and go back by four screens. Access the chest (to find judgment bow) separated by a gap and the blue platform. Walk back two screens and get the chest accessible by the blue platform. Again go back to where you got the judgment bow and proceed west this time.

Retrieve black rock, ether and mid-tonic and go further west. You will find a neutral platform. Board it and then proceed north. Use the blue platform to get on the other side. Open the accessible chest to get adamant helmet. Go through the upper path. Pick up the mid-tonic and carbon in that region and carry on. Follow the conversation. The next area has two mid-tonics, black rock and ether. Keep moving to your left and pick up two carbons, mid-ether and life potion on your way. The area to the left after the save point has carbon mega tonic and mid-tonic. Move north and face the same mini-boss. This area has the green star and the one up north has the yellow star. Change the color to yellow, return to the area with the save point and go north this time.

Here you will find ether, three mid-tonics, elixir, carbon and bravestone from the broken pot. Heal up and save before you go to the next area. The next area has carbon, mid-tonic and two black rocks. Here you will meet the dragon of the bounty hunting quest. It is too difficult for your level now. Leave it for now and go back to the area with a save point.

From there go back to the area with stairs. Proceed left from there by two screens. Mount on the yellow platform and go down. Pick up ether and carbon and carry on. The next area has two mid-tonics, life potion and two carbons. In the following region use the neutral platform and journey to the blue star. Get the blue halo and return to this area. Go back two screens from here to your left till you reach the area with one yellow, one blue and one neutral platform. Ride the blue platform onto the next region. Open the solitary chest to get a blizzard pole.

Get back one screen and proceed north using the neutral platform. The next area has mid-ether and carbon. Gather the carbon and mid-tonic on your way up. Visit the area with the green star and get the green halo. Return to the save point. Get back to the stairs area and pick up the adamant vest on your way. Come back again to the save point and follow the southern route to the area of blue, yellow and neutral platform. From there, travel south and all the way around to the area one screen below stairs area. Use the neutral platform again to travel to the other side. One screen thenafter, go towards north. Then move west and then again up the northern path of the following area. Board the green platform and pick up the life potion and mid-tonic on your way. Open the chest to get the forfeit ring. Get back to the stairs and proceed north. Listen to what the characters have to say on your way there.

Heal up and save and travel to the first floor via the stairs to the hall of treasures. Get back, save and again and move ahead. Be prepared for fire damages next. Watch the conversation which culminates to a fight. Follow the next bit of dialogues. You will be gifted with a new ability.

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