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Eternal Eden, Spring Update

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Hey gang, time for a rundown on what’s been cooking with Eternal Eden Mandela Edition lately. 🔥

In a nutshell:

  • Engine upgraded from VX to VX-Ace.
  • Utilizing RGSS++ scripts for greater flexibility.
  • Improved full-screen compatibility for 16:9 displays.
  • Multiple window and UI thematic skins.
  • Other exciting new surprises await you.

So, remember when I had to push back the launch last December because life got super crazy? Yeah, that was a tough pill to swallow for me. 😢 😭 😪 I’ve been feeling pretty blue in my demeanor since then. And honestly, things are still pretty wild. But you know what they say about silver linings? Turns out, that delay lit a fire under me and led to some serious strides forward under the hood. 💪

During the past three months, I took the plunge and upgraded from the old RPG Maker ‘VX’ to RPG Maker ‘VX-Ace’. Why? Well, because VX-Ace brings a whole bunch of nifty features to the table to match the newest Relica ‘Character Growth’ System.


And not stopping there, I also kicked those default hard-to-work-with scripts from the RPG Maker team to the curb and rolled out my own, to have more creative control and flexibility.

I began working on those scripts, codenamed “RGSS++”, around 2012. I mentioned them quite often in the past. It’s like a total makeover for RPG Maker’s scripting system, crafted from scratch. I’ve been grinding away at this project for a while now, and I’m stoked to say I’m finally in the home stretch.

Compared to where I was ten years ago, my coding prowess has taken leaps and bounds, and the improvements are palpable in my recent endeavors. Sure, there are still a few tweaks to make, but I’m getting there. 🌟

I initially started with Microsoft Visual Code, but over time, I found myself gravitating towards a minimalistic approach with Notepad2e, especially because it’s a customized version of Notepad developed by a friend of mine in Russia. With Notepad2e, I’m able to manage all my RGSS++ code with its incredibly useful features.

Here’s a screenshot of my coding environment with RPG Maker VX-Ace:

Also, I’ve added Stagsi to my arsenal for organizing my day-to-day progress, complete with thumbnails, spanning various sub-versions.

Here’s an history of my progress with RGSS++, visually organized in Stagsi:

New fullscreen mode.

Oh, and after some recent rounds of testing, I’m pumped to say that the Mandela Edition is all set to shine in full-screen mode on 16:9, or standard 4:3. 🚀

However, implementing this change requires me to completely revamp all the dungeon mapping layouts to ensure optimal appearance on this new ratio.


The possibility of translating Eternal Eden into multiple languages is now looking brighter than ever. You see, I’ve improved the way in-game scenarios are organized compared to the old 2008 version, making it super easy to import and export text files seamlessly.

Moreover, with advancements in technology like ChatGPT, translating text with a natural tone seems to be a breeze now. That means I might just need some awesome beta-testers fluent in their native tongues to double-check translations and ensure everything flows perfectly.

Multiple Menu Skins

As a gesture of gratitude for your patience, I’m happy to reveal that you’ll have the ability to unlock multiple window and menu thematic skins as a bonus feature. 🎁

Is it a Full Remake?

I’ll tell you, ever since I unveiled the Mandela Edition, the project has escalated into something incredibly noteworthy. While I’m not fond of calling it a “Remake,” since that’s not its primary objective, the game is straddling the line between a thorough remake and a sequel. It’s not just your typical Director’s Cut – it’s a whole new experience.

Although it’s a rough estimation, the original 2008 version took 20 hours to complete, the new edition should be around 50 hours.

I’ve tucked away some delightful surprises in the game, and I’m keeping them tightly under wraps to maintain the element of surprise for you.

Target Stores

While my main focus is to build a thriving community on my own website and prioritize sales there, I’m also up for tackling various challenges, including distributing through platforms like Steam and GOG. This is why I’m pushing the capabilities of my RGSS++ ecosystem to the max. One of the most exciting aspects of my RGSS++ libraries is their versatility beyond the confines of RPG Maker itself.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m enthusiastic about venturing down a niche path and exploring unofficial platforms such as the Miyoo Mini Plus or RetroArch, all while embracing the aesthetic of classic consoles like the Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance. It’s an unconventional approach, but I’m thrilled about the potential it offers.

Release date?

Unfortunately, it’s still not safe for me to set a new release date just yet. The financial hurdles I’m facing continue to be the main roadblock, slowing down progress drastically. It’s a gradual process, one step at a time, and unfortunately, it’s beyond my control to expedite the process. I feel like I’m spinning in circles with no way out, and it’s making game development nearly impossible.

Day in and day out, I pray for the opportunity to throw myself full-time into my projects, shielded from any external interferences.

Until things get secure, I’m putting my heart and soul into advancing the project as much as possible. 💖


4 responses to “Eternal Eden, Spring Update”

  1. John Avatar

    Keep the faith! We believe in you. Take care of yourself. And I’m sure it’s more than worth it.
    Every new article makes me more and more excited about the new game. Sometimes we just need to take a step back before moving forward. Best of luck with everything!! :)

    1. Elder Avatar

      Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, John. It’s disheartening that these setbacks aren’t deliberate, but I’ll persevere and keep moving forward.

  2. legonenen Avatar

    Ok, this is pretty cool.
    I’m super curious how easy it was for you to transition from VX to ACE, what sorts of issues did you encounter?
    I suppose the main thing is that you’re already using a different version of RGSS (which as an ACE dev, I’m love to be able to check out :P) So I’m curious if that would be available for general use?

    A word of warning/advice though regarding the translations is that you should have some sort of disclaimer for users that it IS machine-translated and therefore isn’t going to be entirely accurate to the original content and meaning.

    1. Elder Avatar

      Hello Legonenen

      To address your question about transitioning between VX and VX-Ace, it was quite discouraging for me. I didn’t sleep well for a bunch of nights. Initially, when I announced the Mandela Edition, I intended to stick with VX because I wanted to utilize all the same stuff to ease the workload. However, I realized later that the battle system in VX wasn’t compatible with the latest ideas I had made to the game. As the release date approached, it became evident that sticking with VX would limit the game’s potential.

      I wasn’t thrilled about my decision, but it was necessary. The most challenging aspect was that debts were already mounting, which meant I’d soon be unable to progress with development.

      So, as a first step, I decided to switch to VX-Ace and use a similar battle system created by the Yanfly team. However, I found their battle system, despite using very cool features, to be extremely challenging to work with. The code was lengthy and convoluted, much like the original VX Japanese version.

      As a result, I determined that rewriting the entire battle system from scratch within my own RGSS++ ecosystem was the optimal solution. With every line of code crafted by myself, I can tailor it to perfectly align with my creative vision, without the need for exhaustive patches and hacks to make things work the way I want.

      In essence, it was a costly decision, especially considering the limited time I already had at my disposal. We can say it was a huge sacrifice.

      Overall, I’m extremely pleased with how VX-Ace fits my needs perfectly. Transitioning to newer RPG Maker engines like MV or MZ isn’t necessary for me because VX-Ace is finely tuned to meet my objectives, such as managing scripts in real folders (instead of relying on the limited RPG Maker 1D panel makes), it also supports full-screen mode, among other features.

      Now, my main goal is to carve out enough time to finally launch the game.

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