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Eternal Eden, Free Bonus Item

Technically, the 2008 version of Eternal Eden is now discontinued and the game was pulled off the shelves on every other websites. The good news is, you can still get the game as a free bonus item when you purchase my debut e-novella, Project Dechentreiter, on Amazon. That’s two wonderful items for only 2.99 USD.


Send me your order number once your transaction is done at and I will reply with the game download information.

Project Dechentreiter marks my debut as an English fiction author. Personally, I think there’s something deep and special the way the story is told. What’s more, Project Dechentreiter have a huge connection with my upcoming Eternal Eden 2 game.


76 responses to “Eternal Eden, Free Bonus Item”

  1. John L. Avatar
    John L.

    Bought the book on Amazon. Sent two emails to you like it instructs here to get the Eternal Eden game. No response. Do I have to report this to Amazon?

  2. Vasilia Avatar

    Hi, I sent you an email with my order # and have not yet received a reply :/

  3. DudeGuy Avatar

    How do I buy the game? I played it way back when it was still free but never finished it and I want to play it aall the way through now.

  4. Elder Avatar

    Yup, still valid. As long as the post isn’t removed it will always be a valid offer.

  5. Nita Avatar

    I read above that the offer works as long as it appears on the website here, but I just wanted to make sure. I will purchase ASAP if the double offer of the book and game is definitely still valid!


  6. denilerium Avatar

    Hi, I was playing the game while suddenly i got a bug. After the guardians of the Ifrit temple opens the gate to go in the dark map, I go to the gate and got stucked there. My character can`t move and is blocked at the entrance. Is there a way to fix that? I`m really addict of the game and want to finish it.

  7. Elder Avatar

    Yup, the offer works as long as it appears on the website.

  8. Fanja Avatar

    Hello ! Same question as Nicole about the game + book. If not, what should I do to get the game ? Wish you courage and persistence for all your projects. FIY, Eternal Eden was love at first sight, so I’m confident I’ll love what up ahead.

  9. Nicole Avatar

    Is the eternal eden game still available if I buy Project Dechentreiter? I don’t want to waste my money on buying it and then still not getting to play the full game

  10. Eleanor Avatar

    When EE2 releases, will the original EE be completely unobtainable or will it be re-released with EE2?

  11. jeff stowers Avatar
    jeff stowers

    i brought etenal eden from arcadetownon the 29/4/2010 and enjoyed it while sorting though papers i found th recipcet but when look though my cds i could not find it and would like to know ho to get a copy again i live in the uk hope in you can help

    EDIT: Resolved!

  12. Elder Avatar

    You can find all the playthrough videos here:

    So, just bookmark this URL for future references. The answer you’re looking for should be around video #20.

  13. kim beggs Avatar
    kim beggs

    Does anybody know if there is a strategy guide or walkthrough or forum available for EE? I am completely stumped on where to go after learning the weather song and finishing that area. I have landed where ever I can and can’t seem to get anywhere. I have checked online everywhere. I am really enjoying this game.

  14. Elder Avatar

    The offer still holds and probably will until the remake is released. Make sure to email me at

  15. kim beggs Avatar
    kim beggs

    I purchased your book and then realized that the Feb posts I saw were from 2015. Are you still sending the game to those who purchased it? If so my order number was D01-8628874-3961830. I was really excited about this so I hope you are!

  16. Liyin Avatar

    Hi elder prince. I wanted to purchase your ebook from amazon but the website stated that it’s not available for purchase. How can I resolve this issue?

  17. Elder Avatar

    Sorry for late reply, I had no Internet connection during the past few days. I’ve emailed you without wasting any second (which could explain a few typos!).

  18. Richard Avatar

    Hi Elder,
    Is this offer still valid? I bought the book yesterday and emailed you my Amazon Order Number (D01-8651953-3597004). Loved the Demo and can’t wait to get back to this Great Game!

  19. Elder Avatar

    I have emailed you, Shirley :)

  20. Shirley Bryson Avatar
    Shirley Bryson

    Welcome back Elder! Need help with problem. Bought your game while ago, but pc hacked. Bought new pc but lost the game. I’m a senior and want to buy game but don’t know how to send receipt. Is there easier way?

  21. Naomi Avatar

    Hello Elder Prince, I love your game very much! I’m playing the game again after seven years, but I lost the walkthrough PDF, and I can’t find slimsie antidote, sagrada trios ,etc.Could you please provide the PDF again?

  22. Elder Avatar

    Hey Dora and everyone, for as long as this post is visible the offer still hold :)

  23. Dora Avatar

    Hi Elder Prince!

    Hope you are fine!

    I tried demo version of Eternal Eden few years ago and it was one of the best games I have ever played of this genre (and I really play a lot of 2D rpg). Is it still possible to get a version of Eternal Eden by buying Project Dechentreiter?

    Kind regards!

  24. Elder Avatar

    Yes the game offer is still available once the ebook is purchased. Simply email me the receipt once purchased at

  25. Naomi Woosnam Avatar

    Just wondering how we get the game after buying the book. My Amazon order # is D01-2731675-7576017, if that helps.

  26. Jessica Avatar

    Is the game still available once the ebook is purchased?


  27. Nolan L. Avatar
    Nolan L.

    Here is proof I’ve bought the book As promised, may you send me the free copy of Eternal Eden? I’m also VERY excited to read the book.

    Thank you,

  28. Woolen Avatar

    Hello Elder! I remember I downloaded a walkthrough in pdf-format, but it disappeared. Could you please tell me where to download it again?
    Thank you.

  29. Ellen Avatar

    [Proof of purchase hidden by Elder Prince]

    Here is prof that I bought your book. I read it and loved it. please send ETERNAL EDEN for free I have bought the game in the past, but got a new computer and cant download the game anymore
    Please send me the game again.
    Thank you.

  30. Elder Avatar

    The story arc with Downey will be largely improved and resolved.

    The best way to donate is to purchase Project Dechentreiter. I was hoping more people would buy it to make the eBook appear in Amazon’s popular item to allow more sales. Epic fail so far, but who knows…

  31. Justin Avatar

    In the remastered version, can we *MEGA SPOILER ALERT* save Downy? I downloaded Eternal Eden years ago, and it was a terrible tease when it was implied that a 2nd playthrough would allow us (me) to save Downey.I’m having trouble finding a donate link, but I’ll keep looking.

  32. Elder Avatar

    Hey Jacob, I just emailed you :D

  33. Jacob Carson Avatar

    Purchased :) couldn’t find your contact info so here’s proof of purchase:

    The book was purchased under the name Jacob Carson

  34. Jacob Carson Avatar

    I’m getting online to purchase your book presently, I am hoping the offer on the game still stands and am looking forward to the book!

  35. Jacob Carson Avatar

    Hi Elder! So I’ve been a long time fan of yours and just recently got out of prison.. Long story, but I see one of my very favorite games has now been discontinued :( How would I go about getting another copy? I obviously don’t have my old PC anymore so if There is a link or if there is still a way to purchase it please shoot me an email, I’d love a nice playthrough again to bring back fond memories :)


  36. Elder Avatar

    ALERT !

    The game can’t be purchased on my website any longer, or any other websites for that matter. If other websites are selling it, they’re doing it without my authorization. There’s still one last chance to get your hands on the game. Anyone who purchase my Ebook Project Dechentreiter on Amazon (for only $2.99) will receive the game for free upon emailing a proof of their purchase to me (see the about section for my contact information). That’s two worthy items for the price of one. Otherwise, sleep well, Eternal Eden!

  37. Elder Avatar

    Thank you everyone for your support. Yes, I see there are still a lot of people rooting for me to succeed.

    Everyone should receive a email from me within 24 hours. Let me know if you were forgotten (which shouldn’t happen).

  38. Jean Avatar

    Hi Elder,

    This is kind of happening me too. After I completed the transaction on Paypal I wasn’t redirected nor did I receive an email with the download link, so I still don’t have the game. Please help?


  39. Paul Avatar

    Hi Elder,
    After reading all the comments I see that I am not alone in rooting for you to succeed. I just purchased EE yesterday and am awaiting a confirmation email with a link to download. Any idea when I will get that email?

  40. Anna Avatar

    Hi, same as Pragoolo above, I went ahead and purchased the $2.00 (I bought the full priced version long ago on a different computer and have played through it many times.)
    Wanted to give support for a fantastic game though :)

    Will the full game version show up in my email after purchase or will you email the full version yourself?

    (I haven’t got a download link/confirmation code for the full game yet.)

  41. Pragoolo Avatar

    Hi Elder,

    Just bought the game (did purchase it before but on another computer, happy to contribute more even though just $2 :) )… can you please email me a copy? About to go through my first replay. Thanks!


  42. Anna Avatar

    Your game has always been my favorite and an inspiration for me. I’m rooting for you!

  43. Elder Avatar

    The deal with expire very soon! Then the game will disappear.

  44. Jérémie Gineste Avatar
    Jérémie Gineste

    Thanks you a lot Elder :)

  45. Elder Avatar

    I’ve just emailed you Jérémie :)

  46. Jérémie Gineste Avatar
    Jérémie Gineste

    Hi. I just bought your game, can you tell me how i can download it ? Thanks in advance.


  47. Dominick Avatar

    Bought eternal eden a little while ago. How do I download it?

    Also, glad to see things a still moving forward. Have been following your blog for a while.

  48. Alfieri Avatar

    Hi Elder, I am very hyped for your remaster. The problem is that I don’t do much PC gaming nowadays, I remember you had plans for a 3DS version. Is this still in your plans? If so, is this going to take much time between the PC version and the 3DS version. Crossing fingers for a WiiU version too, BTW.

  49. John Tatchell Avatar
    John Tatchell

    Thank you that was quick.Have downloaded the full game. I remember playing EE way back in 2008/09 when it was first released.

  50. Elder Avatar

    I’ve already emailed you, John. Thank you very much for your support.

  51. John Tatchell Avatar
    John Tatchell

    Just bought the game on paypal.What happens now when do i get the link etc to download the game ?

  52. Elder Avatar

    I’ll wait until the other posts are ready before revealing more. I’ll however say I that was already done with the game dialogues a long time ago. The music pieces are quite advanced for both EE1 and EE:E. The game engine and technologies are the cause of the current delays, which naturally take a lot of time.

  53. a Avatar

    So…How’s EE:E coming along? Have you finished any part of it (dialogue/music/etc.)?

  54. Elder Avatar

    Welcome don! Where have you stumbled upon my website if I may ask? Google?

    Eternal Eden is currently a PC game and can be purchased from here, my website.

  55. don Avatar

    Just stumbled upon this site. The game and book seem they would be interesting. Is the game steam only?

  56. Andrew Avatar

    Good news.

    I really hope you will put both editions on Steam.

  57. Ryan Hayward Avatar
    Ryan Hayward

    I think I paid 20 bucks for Eternal Eden on either the aveyond or aldolea website only a few weeks ago. And to say I could have got it much cheaper…..
    I have to say though I am really enjoying the game, I feel it is worth the price. I only hope they do the right thing and give you a cut….

  58. Unlucky Goblin Avatar
    Unlucky Goblin

    If it around 20 USD I’ll have no issues supporting you and buying it =) Can’t wait till your done with it. Unless your setting up a pre-order for it then I’ll just pre-order it, just waiting on EE:E pre-order to return so can back that to and help you out more.

  59. Elder Avatar

    Unlucky Goblin wrote: “Well figured I’ll buy the original and help you out..
    btw any date set for Remastered version or price?

    Thank you, Unlucky Goblin. Revealing release dates never did any good. All I can tell is I’m hitting on all cylinders to finish the game as soon as possible. I’m considering to remove some game features to hurry the process.

    The price should be maintained around 20,00 USD.

    Shawn wrote: “Just wanted to say I am glad you are not giving up.

    I am not giving up but the situation is more difficult than in the past years. I’m still seeking for the best solution, things can’t stay the way they are right now otherwise it will simply not work.

    Shawn wrote: “What happened to the sequel? Is it no longer for sale?

    More blog entries are coming. I’m still working on the next sections of the website. I’d like the website to be a lot more interactive than before.

  60. Unlucky Goblin Avatar
    Unlucky Goblin

    Well figured I’ll buy the original and help you out..

    btw any date set for Remastered version or price?

  61. Ababba Cottaloj Avatar
    Ababba Cottaloj

    The CD that you said “The Eternal Eden CD” was a collection of games that actually contained the old version of Eternal Eden.

    I waited for a long time for your new website to come out, Elder, but what do you mean by Eternal Eden Ecclesiah? The original Eternal Eden or the game you will be planning somehow?

    I forgot to comment again. I am still patiently waiting for the Eternal Eden Remastered Edition to come out. Will it still use Midi music or use WAV or MP3? I am NOT able to predict what you will use for the Eternal Eden Remastered Edition. Also are you creating your own game engine or According to TheDailyMoogle you will use Unity? Thank you for reading this.

    Ababba L Cottaloj, CEO of Ababba Cottaloj Games.

    Once again, the engine you will use to make Eternal Eden Remastered Edition.

    P.S. I posted this because I forgot to comment again.
    Thank you for your support and release the new Eternal Eden if you can!

  62. Elder Avatar


    SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase my novella Project Dechentreiter and receive Eternal Eden for free. It’s two items for almost the price of one. Simply email your receipt to

  63. Elder Avatar

    I switched from BTM Micro to PayPal for the transactions. Paypal didn’t bother to implement a feature to auto-send an email to people after their purchase, so I have to send the instructions manually. Expect a delay of 8 hours when I’m sleeping, otherwise it’s less than 1 hour for sure. I’ll try to setup an auto-responder if it’s not too much complicated.

  64. Shawn Avatar

    Just bought the game and am awaiting the email on how to download.

    Just wanted to say I am glad you are not giving up.
    What happened to the sequel? Is it no longer for sale?

  65. Jeanne Thornhill Avatar

    When the promise of a new Eternal Eden:Ecclesia came out, you gave me a free copy of Eternal Eden with my pre-purchase of EE:E. I have since switched computers and don’t have the free game now. Could you please send it to me again? Waiting excitedly for the release of the new game. Thanks, Jeanne Thornhill

    Jeanne Thornhill

  66. Elder Avatar

    Hey John, you should have received an email by now.

  67. John Yannone Avatar
    John Yannone

    I just paid for Eternal Eden with Paypal and when it redirected me it said the host wouldn’t accept it and could not display it so now what do I do to get the game.

  68. Elder Avatar

    What do you mean by “The Eternal Eden CD”?

  69. Ababba Cottaloj Avatar
    Ababba Cottaloj

    Sorry but the fact that you are going to remove the 2008 version of Eternal Eden and make a new version of Eternal Eden which is remastered but is still the same as the Eternal Eden is actually right, but I still have my copy. The Eternal Eden CD actually contains lots of other games.

  70. Elder Avatar

    You were certainly using Windows XP back then. There were only a few rare exceptions when 1.05 didn’t crash for Vista users. 1.03 was sent to people with the crashing issue as an alternative. Technically, two versions were in circulation at the same time. It was a bit troublesome but sales were too awesome to complain about that management issue. Amanda (Amaranth Games) wouldn’t have allowed a DRM-free version to be featured on her website, but once Eternal Eden became less popular 1.03 became the sole version.

    There were two bugs that were reported much later. One of them was one of the colored block puzzles in the snow area (I saw a video showing the glitch on YouTube). The other bug was during a fight against the necromancer.

  71. lantern48 Avatar

    No refund.
    It was meant to offer a tiny amount of support. I was just confused because when I bought it way back when, it was version 1.05.

    As long as this isn’t missing any bug fixes or good changes, then it’s fine with me.

    I’ll buy your book at some point – it’s just my reading material is enormous right now. Way, way behind on a lot of things.

  72. Elder Avatar

    I understand what you mean. Version 1.05 surely sounds like it’s the fresh new version, but actually it was corrupted and had to removed. It had a nasty conflict between the battle system, the Digital Right Management and Windows Vista. The game crashed all the time during the battle against the Snake. It was the most reported bug back then. As a result, version 1.03 became the official version since 2009.

    Here’s the version history:

    1.03 = DRM free version (used during the early fan release to fix bugs)
    1.04 = DRM-wrapped version (but the game remains the same as 1.03)
    1.05 = DRM + Upgraded Battle System script (no difference on the player’s end).

    You’ll notice your current download is DRM-free, while 1.05 had a pop window to enter a license key. That’s the only difference.

    I hope my explanation was helpful. Of course, I can refund you if it’s not what you wished for. It’s the least I can do.

  73. lantern48 Avatar

    Actually, I’d just really prefer to get a 1.05 version which is what I thought I was paying for. Be great if you could send me that version.

  74. Elder Avatar

    Thank you very much, lantern48. It wasn’t necessary to purchase it twice. You should had used that money on Project Dechentreiter (if not already purchased). Let me know if you want the ebook for free in exchange.

    Version above 1.05 used a new iteration of the RPG Maker Tankentai battle system, which I didn’t like. I simply retrograded it back to version 1.03. Not much of a difference.

  75. lantern48 Avatar

    Bought it again. Just to support you.

    This version is only 1.03. How do I get it up to the most current version which is 1.05?

  76. Paolo Baroni Avatar
    Paolo Baroni

    It was the first RPG Maker game I ever played, and I did it with a dear friend of mine. We had a blast getting a 100% playthrough.
    Also, it was the start of a long term fanship, which recently evolved into an actual friendship.
    It’s been 7 years since then, it is time for EE to step forward as the Hero of Time (The Legend of Elder, which sounds like a bad Legend-of-Zelda \ Elder-Scrolls crossover)

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