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EE9, An amalgam of many unsettled past projects

I’ve worked on several unresolved projects in the past. Unfortunately, they failed to be released because I was not ready with other elements of their development. I have spent most of the 2010s working on tile-based algorithms. I was still in the learning process of making a game engine from scratch. All I can say is that none of those projects were put in the trash, I still have all the files in safety.

Eternal Eden 9 is meant to have a vibe of the generation of the 32-Bit era, such as the Dreamcast, the first Playstation and also the Nintendo DS.

Below find a quick overview of those projects.

It began as Eternal Eden: Mystic Quest

Legacy of UR

I shared my desire to work on a new Aveyond spin-off for Aveyond Studios / Amaranth Games. I went ahead to build a prototype of the game and Amanda (the creator of the Aveyond Series) welcomed it with enthusiasm, but then it was revealed that she teamed with another developer to create Aveyond 4, so the whole process seemed a conflict of interest with the planned release date and announcement. Nothing bad happened between me and Amanda from those events, I still hold her dear in my heart. I decided to simply change the title of the game to Legacy of UR, but it was obviously difficult to rework the storyline to be outside of the Aveyond universe. I concluded I should just save the graphical assets for an actual Eternal Eden game, hence Eternal Eden 9.

I also worked on a fairy game

This game was mostly a rough-draft to test the ongoing features of my game engine. I sort of loved the outcome of it. Those assets might serve as a side-story mini-game within Eternal Eden 9. Fingers crossed.

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