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Downey’s Bonus Dungeon & fans participation

This blog post has been written by Elder Prince, Creator of Eternal Eden.

This blog post is a reprise of another one that I published twelve years ago.

Downey needs your prayers more than ever!

He’s been trapped in oblivion for what appears to be merely a decade to our simple mortal perception, but to him it seems like forever. Here’s how you can help with your participation.

In the comment section below:

  1. Write the name or the nickname that you wish to appear in the game.
  2. Optional: you can add your world location.
  3. Write a prayer to cheer Downey up. Less than 250 characters.
  4. Offer a key and name it. Less than 12 characters.


Jane Doe from Colorado, USA

“Downey, you’re almost there. You’ve arrived at your final destination. You’ve gone through many trials and proven yourself worthy, as we all knew you would. You’re the only hope for this world, so go out there and show everyone the power of your resolve!”

Donation = Doe-doe Key

This fun contribution will play a role in the bonus dungeon of Eternal Eden: Mandela Edition. So don’t let Downey down, he needs each of you.

Old participants can simply update their old entry by mentioning it to me in a new comment.

Of course, most fans can perceive the analogy between Downey and my own trials during this decade-long game development process. Read p4s messages, for instance :) So those prayers you all wrote have a real significance, after all. They’ll add value to this dungeon.

We’re all rooting for you, Downey.

33 responses to “Downey’s Bonus Dungeon & fans participation”

  1. Al-Mansii Avatar

    Al-Mansii from West Java, Indonesia

    “Downey, take your time. Think, what makes you trapped there for oh so long. Learn, from your past mistakes so you can be better afterwards!”

    It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!
    Donation = Overlord Key

  2. C Gentle Avatar
    C Gentle

    Nenen, USA

    “Downey, remember the source of real hope, and never let the discouragement of trials and evil cloud it!”

    Donation = Key

  3. Ganesh Avatar

    Ganesh Jayasamraj, India

    Guardian Angel form sprit world to Downey:

    “Downey you made a grave mistake,
    But you don’t deserve this,
    and hope is not lost, light is there,
    Close you eyes,
    Just pray,

    Noah will come.

    Key : Prayer/Hope/Light Key

  4. Joseph Avatar

    Puppy from Indiana, USA

    When life gets tough and all you can do is reflect on what has been. Always remember the love and the laughter you have had with family and friends. So I give you something that might look yummy and sweet. But heed my warning do not eat.

    Donation: Cook Key

  5. Kay the Heartless Avatar

    Kay the Heartless from Muar, Malaysia

    “Downey! I know you can do it! Hang it there buddy! Here, take this.”

    Donation = Heartless Key

  6. Mimin Avatar

    Mimin from Jakarta, Indonesia

    “Be strong young one, temptation shall lure you into oblivion but you must know that in every bit of darkness there is light.. For if you overcome this obstacle, paradise shall await and perdition shall be gone.”

    Donation = Eostra Key

  7. 5678yeah Avatar

    Downey! Don’t be such a downer. Your destiny is not set in your name.

    Donation – Cheap random bastard.

  8. KMaria Avatar

    Maria from Hanoi, Vietnam

    “Downey, even the people who defeated Rishi couldn’t have made it so far without your help. You’re more than strong enough to get out of this darkness. Remember that everyone has faith in you!”

    Donation: Lucidus Key

  9. shinpoppo Avatar

    OHHH~So Exciting!! I must leave my tiny support to our poor Downey!

    Baobao from Nankin,China
    “Do you know?
    No one has forgot you actually,
    coz you are the most sunny and amusing guy that we know.
    You don’t belong to such a dark place.
    Go! Everybody is waiting you at exit eagerly! ”

    Donation: Guang Key

    PS:”Guang(光)”(prononciation en français: gouan)means brightness in mandarin~
    and….I’m a girl(make sure you will not put a boy on itXD)
    Thank you elder to give us such a good chance ~!!!
    I really love Downey, he has a strong Aries character which I appreciate a lot!Fight,Downey Fight>v<V

  10. NevAn Avatar

    Anita N. from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    “Please remember: there is always hope. No matter how hard things get for you, don’t ever give up! Our thoughts shall be with you.”

    Donation = Antos Key

  11. Adam Stinnett Avatar
    Adam Stinnett

    Adam Stinnett From New Jersey USA

    “Even in the deepest dark, a light can be found. It comes from the heart, and it will always lead you to the ones you love.”

    Donation = Off Key

  12. gino Avatar

    Gino Lamantino from Acquario di Genova, Italia

    “Fate is changing
    hear me well
    may ye ring
    victory’s bell

    Shall this charm
    remove thy fears
    may not harm
    ye neither spears

    Find the source
    of all this mess
    and make sure
    to kick his a*s

    Time for greeting
    it’s alright
    Light is bringing
    ye its might”

    Donation = Sunrise Key

  13. p4s Avatar

    If you don’t mind another verse…

    You must succeed and take your place.
    We know you can –
    Show us your pace!

    Pace key

  14. Anonymous Avatar

    Kiara, Mumbai, India

    May your burdens feel lighter
    And each day a little brighter
    Just hold on

    Donation: Reverie key

  15. Jonathan Avatar

    “Downey, if you always believe in HOPE and COURAGE, you will get saved, even in the middle of darkness.”

    Donation to Downey: The Help Key

  16. eli Avatar

    Elias Broman from Norrköping, Sweden

    “Downey, don’t struggle to reach the stars, wait for the stars to come to your door. Open your door when the time is right and let the stars come to you.”

    Donation = Star Key

  17. Carol Avatar

    Name: Carol, Swoyersville, USA
    Prayer:May all the heart and spirit of those seeking to save you wrap you in security and peace as you return from darkness into light.
    Key: Crysalis Key

  18. Reinade Avatar

    Bayona from Jordan

    “Hey there! I told them I will not buy the game if you’re not around so, you will be fine I promise xD If I think of someone to be as my best friend, I will think of YOU, take care..”

    Friendship Key

  19. pab90 Avatar

    Paolo from Casamia, Italia

    “Yo Dawney whass up? In hard times think’bout happy things, like cookies, and people you really care for, like the Cookie Shop owner. I swear if this ain’t a hard time 4 u I’m gonna beat you up! BTW, do you have some cookies? All Italia is with you!”

    Donation = O’Porko’s Key

  20. liza Avatar

    Liza, Florida, USA

    Congrats, Downey with the help of everyone’s prayers you’ve made it to the end.

    Donation: Final Key

  21. Di di Avatar
    Di di

    Name: Dianne

    Prayer: Downey your time to shine has finally arrived. Awaken from this desolate place and blot out the darkness, so that light and love may fill your heart once again. We’re all counting on you!

    Key: Love Key

  22. Loof123 Avatar

    “Downey,I feel you have faith and strength in you. But strength is not everything. You have a lot of potential,you are a perfect person. Just make sure to care about your friends. And never forget what is most important.”

    Key: Magical Key

    (If it is possible to give stats,can you give 10 SPI to Downey?)

  23. Azhar Ali Avatar
    Azhar Ali

    Name: Azhar Ali from Amravati, Maharashtra, India.

    Prayer: Downey, You are the one who makes every level very easy. You have the power of nature. You can a best friend ever. You have the defense power to defense your friends. You are the best.

    Key: Immortal Key (or) Key of Diversity

  24. p4s Avatar

    Name: Roshia

    The darkness isn’t something wrong
    It’s only meant to make you strong –
    So if you choose a better way
    Your darkest side will start to pray.

    Uverse Key:

    Btw, in process I’ve come up with a joke prayer lol:
    You have the power to success and stop this obvious recess; commit to good and do your best to finish this and go to rest.
    Not that it can find a place somewhere in game :D

  25. loontune Avatar

    Name: Phillip from San Diego, California, United States

    You’ve done well to make it to this point. Never give up and fight till the end. You should be extremely proud and may your greatest wishes come true!

    Donation: Eternal Key

  26. BlackNekos Avatar

    Name / Nickname: BlackNekos

    Prayer / Words of Encouragement: Your legend has only just began. Step out of the darkness and into the light of eden! This is your Legend! Take the first steps to destiny!

    Donation: Nekos Key

  27. lordshaw Avatar

    Luis Magno from Marilia, Brazil

    Now that you are here you must not have any regrets! You faced many hardships and conquered then all. Find strength even in weakness. ONWARD! TO VICTORY

    Donation – Hope key

    And +5 Strength

  28. EXEgo Avatar

    James Feistamel from Haltom City, Texas

    “The time of your salvation is at hand. I implore you to heed the call of those who need you, to those who love you. For you you are a beacon of light whom shall swallow the darkness. To Eden, Downey!”

    Donation – Shangri-la key

  29. Malvodion Avatar

    Alejandro D’Angelo from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    “Downey, you must not give up. Finally, after going through so much, you’ve reached the end. Now you’re the only one who can make a difference. You will succeed, I’m sure of it.”

    Donation = Glidel Key

  30. Nick Shea Avatar
    Nick Shea

    “The world is covered in darkness and it will surely be devoured… You are the only thing standing between obvlivion and salvation, Downey. If you don’t conquor this evil, the fate of the planet is forlorn. So it is obvious what must be done, right? You have to win… no, you MUST win. And because you must, we know you can do it! Destroy the enemy and end this corruption!”

    Donation: The Emperor’s Key

    Legendary King Nikolas

  31. Andrzej Avatar

    Andrej Thurzo from Bratislava, Slovakia

    “Do not hurry, as delaying something can be for your own good sometimes. Rather than rush blindly, stop for a while and think about your goal, then act! Remember, patience is a virtue.”

    Donation: Patience Key


  32. Caon Avatar

    Daniel Hjelm from Uppsala, Sweden

    “Downey, I know you can do it, you’re one of the strongest people in this world, if you can’t do it no one can, we will all be praying for your success, and remember: The darkness is merely a catalyst for the world to return to normal.”

    Donation: Rei Key


  33. Kinta Avatar

    Constantin Graf from Magdeburg, Germany

    “Downey, take a moment to think, to get into your inner self, as it reflects your world from deep within. Find what lies across the gap. It may seem like the end of the world, but it’s just a small step. Your blindfolded eyes are now revealed.”

    Donation = Equilibra Key


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