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DLC storefront for Eternal Eden Mandela Edition is now open

The DLC store for Eternal Eden Mandela Edition is now open, and it serves as a pre-order opportunity for those who want to show their financial support for the project. The link can be found on the top menu bar, or click this button.

Blossomsoft is happy to announce that the base game for Eternal Eden Mandela Edition will be available free of charge to everyone who subscribes to our mailing list. The release date is still undetermined.

Furthermore, for those who would like to obtain DLCs without making real-money purchases, you have the option to accumulate Eo Points by registering an account and actively engaging with our website.

It’s important to note that, for your reference, 1000 Eos is equivalent to 1 USD when using them to acquire items from our virtual store. However, please be aware that Eos have no value outside of this virtual space and cannot be exchanged for real currency.

Please be aware that our store currently does not support an automated system for exchanging Eo points. If you wish to exchange your points for specific DLCs, kindly reach out to ‘Elder from Blossomsoft’ on our Discord channel or leave a comment below using a valid email address to express your intention.

However, at this time, we recommend focusing on accumulating as many points as you can until the game becomes available before considering any exchanges.

We may introduce additional DLCs in the future, and we welcome your suggestions for new content.


2 responses to “DLC storefront for Eternal Eden Mandela Edition is now open”

  1. Argentum Avatar

    I can’t log in the store with the same account as the main page

    1. Elder Avatar

      Apologies for overlooking this detail earlier.

      The store operates on a distinct database and essentially functions as a separate website on my server, although it shares a similar web design.

      Regarding the e-commerce aspect, it only requires guest-driven details, not necessarily tied to a specific account. Typically, a purchase involves providing only an email and phone number. However, you should be able to create a twin account on the store’s website to track your purchase information later. If you create your account after the purchase was made, just ensure that you use the same email you used for the purchase; this should merge your purchase history with your newly created account.

      I’ll explore options to better integrate the Blossomsoft account with the store in the future.

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