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Mandela Edition: 10 New tidbits before launch

Revamped Characters: Downey and Fierro

Initially, these characters were limited to buff-debuff roles, making their engagement in battles somewhat monotonous, despite Fierro’s combat allure. However, they’ve undergone a transformation, acquiring distinctive special abilities reminiscent of Noah’s skillset, ensuring a more balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

Experience-Free Enemies

Defeating enemies no longer grants experience points in the game. The leveling system offers a new twist.

Level Resets

The Mandela malediction introduces a new mechanic in this edition. Each dungeon allows you to increase your levels by 5. However, upon entering the next dungeon, your levels reset to 1. But fear not, there’s a workaround within the system to mitigate this curse.

Enriched Dungeon Dialogues

Every dungeon now features two additional cutscenes, enriching the storyline with new details and depth.

Balanced Equipment Attributes

Weapons and armor now offer balanced strengths, focusing more on special attributes than raw power or defense. This strategic shift adds depth beyond mere stat increases, minimizing redundancy.

Triplets: Meet Gideon, Jideon, and Zideon

Gideon from the original game is now part of a trio. Gideon orchestrates the Turtle Hunt, Jideon leads the monster guild, and Zideon presides over another intriguing mini-game for players to uncover.

Streamlined Consumables

The tiered consumable potion system has been simplified. Now, there’s only one healing item called “Manna” for HP (A food item coming from the Bible, which also appears in many other RPGs), with the possibility to enhance its potency, mirroring the changes in Ether usage.

Enhanced Loot System

Dungeons are now treasure troves filled with a diverse array of hidden loot. Each item is unique, varying in value and rarity, adding an exciting dimension to exploration and discovery.

The Enhanced Treasure Hall

Remember the Treasure Hall in the 2008 version? This time, it’s been turbocharged. Most rooms within a dungeon now reward you upon defeating all troops, offering a cascade of rewards compared to the previous version.

Story-Driven DLCs Ahead

The Mandela edition is primed to integrate future storyline-based expansions throughout 2024, pending demand, enhancing the gaming experience.

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