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Devlog: my shift towards ‘Anti-Social Media’

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The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Hey there,

I’ve been giving some thought to my website and, you know what, I’ve made a call to ditch most of those social media icons. You know, I’ve been feeling the urge to distance myself from social media, even though I know it’s not going to be easy, but it’s something I’m determined to do. It’s pretty clear that a lot of folks are hooked on social media these days, and traditional websites are somewhat taking a back seat.

Remember that blog post where I talked about Facebook shutting down one of my game-related pages?

Man, that was a frustrating mess. They never gave me a straight answer, and their customer support was basically non-existent. It’s made me seriously consider ditching all my Facebook profiles altogether. Trusting platforms feels like rolling the dice these days.

Why put in years of effort to build a community, only to see it disappear overnight? That’s why I’m considering putting more emphasis on sharing updates directly through my website rather than trying to build a fanbase elsewhere.

Right now, I’m thinking about keeping only my YouTube account because this platform is awesome for saving on server bandwidth, especially when I’ve got some hefty video content to host.

How about TikTok, you ask? Well, I gotta say, their terms of agreement are kind of strange, and I’m starting to regret even making an account there. Plus, I’m not entirely sure if I’m into or on board with the trends that float around on that platform.

Twitter, I’m sticking with it for now.

Discord, though, I’ve got some plans in mind for experiments that might end up with me waving goodbye to it. I’m not a big fan of how they handle their pricing for very minor features. We’ll just have to see how it all pans out.

That’s why I tell everyone to make sure to bookmark my website and sign up for one of my newsletters or just register on the site. Otherwise, there’s a real chance you won’t hear from me through those other platforms. Unless, of course, some super dedicated fans decide to share my stuff themselves.

3 responses to “Devlog: my shift towards ‘Anti-Social Media’”

  1. blugem Avatar

    In my in case, even though I rarely post in FB or Instagram, both account had been hacked at least once and someone tried to reset my password more than 5 times within this 2 months. Something is wrong with Meta security team even though I do link my Instagram to FB, FB is registered to another email which is not connected to my Instagram email. Its quite a frustrating thing to delete any weird post/advert links posted to my account. I mostly use FB & Instragram to see any updates on my old/uni friends and send greetings to them when applicable (will randomly check it around 30 mins per week).
    Seeing the recent changes to twitter makes me glad for not posting much on it. I avoid using Tiktok since it made my sleep cycle go haywired for the 3 months I had it. Its too addictive for it owns good.

  2. legonenen Avatar

    Yeah, I’ve also heard that it’s really best to pick the social media that actually works for you anyways… So it’s probably a good time to cut those that aren’t even on that aspect.

    1. Elder Avatar

      You’re totally right, Legoenen. Twitter’s been effective so far, but I’m a bit wary about where it’s headed with those recent big changes.

      And Facebook? Man, I’ve lost trust in them ever since they shut down my Eternal Eden page. I had a few thousand followers, some I got through paid ads, so that felt like a total slap in the face. I can’t rely on them to build a community only to watch it disappear overnight.

      All in all, I think folks running a business should be cautious about diving too deep into social media. It’s not a smart move to build a fan base on a platform where they can pull the rug out from under you at any moment.

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