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Devlog: Mandela Edition tidbits

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

I’m going on a quick one-day trip to Ottawa, Ontario, and since I’m not the driver, I’ve decided to use this time to write a brief development log for the Eternal Eden Mandela Edition.

I haven’t dedicated much time to the game since February. Instead, I focused on enhancing the game engine over the summer, particularly for other main entries in the Eternal Eden series like Eternal Eden 5.

September will be the month when I aim to bring the Mandela Edition to a finished state, which might be released between October and November. The game has evolved significantly beyond what was originally planned back in January.

Here are some cool facts:

  1. Downey will be a more engaging playable character with additional skills, including the ability to steal special loot from enemies, including rare items.
  2. A new scan command will allow players to analyze stats, and this data will be saved in a collectible bestiary database.
  3. Special actions will enable players to prevent playable character deaths from the 2008 version, expanding the roster of party members available throughout the game.
  4. The addition of an arrow projectile ability on maps will introduce a new puzzle system, accessible right from the first dungeon.
  5. The save state from the 2008 version will still be supported. You’ll want to keep at least two items from the previous version in your inventory: the princess amulet and Downey’s beret hat. There may also be value in holding onto the sagrada crests, though I’m uncertain about their use.
  6. Regarding summons, I’ll decide closer to the release whether to include them or not. The RPG Maker VX version isn’t exactly pixel art, and incorporating summons may pose challenges since my primary artist specializes in pixel arts.

Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Devlog: Mandela Edition tidbits”

  1. regian06 Avatar

    Very excited about the puzzles. Lufia and Wild Arms will always remain in my top games for their puzzle dungeons.

    1. Elder Avatar

      Lufia 2 was undoubtedly the primary source of inspiration for Eternal Eden. As for Wild Arms 1, I only got as far as the first dungeon. It seemed very promising, but for some reason I can’t remember, I didn’t continue with it. However, I did manage to finish Wild Arms 4, and that game was absolutely fantastic.

  2. Wonder Avatar

    Good luck with everything, and I’m particularly excited about the third bullet point! Can’t wait :)

    1. Elder Avatar

      This newest edition is all about redemption :) These beloved characters won’t be left behind.

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