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Devlog: Ecclesia (EE:E) rises like a phoenix in Mandela

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Even with a hefty workload and juggling some food delivery gigs to keep my head above water, leaving me with less time to write articles, things are really picking up in the game development arena. Yay!

The Mandela Edition is heavily inspired by a project I dubbed ‘Ecclesia,’ aka EE:E, which I first introduced in 2012 using the RPG Maker engine.


The Mandela Edition is unrelated to the ambitious Reboot Edition, which utilizes my own toolsets, a project I intend to pick up later on.

Let’s give credit where it’s due—this Mandela Edition is significantly more robust compared to its announcement last year.

I don’t want to market the Mandela Edition as a complete sequel, because it’s not, but the abundance of new content gives it a sequel-like feel, albeit in a unique way. It could be seen as a spin-off, or maybe an official hack or mod. Ultimately, how you interpret the game upon its release will be up to you. But no matter how you see it, get ready for something truly special, especially if you enjoyed to replay the 2008 version. This latest rendition feels like it hails from a parallel dimension!

In the Mandela Edition, you’ll find a few familiar scenes from the 2012 ‘Ecclesia’ unreleased version with its RPG Maker vibe. Those images still require editing for the game, but I’m almost there. I’m happy to repurpose these scenes rather than disposing of them forever.

As the project steadily approaches its release date, I’m taking a significant financial risk by cutting back on my side job hours. If you’d like to support and ensure a smooth journey without obstacles, please consider contributing by purchasing the Master Bundle via the store.

There’s more to come, so don’t forget the motto: stay tuned for what’s ahead! And consider bookmarking the website, if that’s still your go-to method these days.


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